Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bodyweight And The Hammer

My training consists of different things and some of them are heavy to move and others are just plain me doing killer bodyweight stuff at my size. I'm not big on moving barbells and dumbbells anymore even though i'll do them on occasion yet the only weight I really like moving these days is my Epic Sledgehammer. I get my cardio basically from using a heavy hammer and going through a deck of cards. When I'm not using the hammer, I do push-ups, animal movements, pulling movements, Gymnastic Abs, VRT and other bodyweight movements to tickle my fancy. Being minimal is pretty intense as it is.

My range of motion will never be like the guys on a DVD or in a book. That doesn't mean it it's terrible, it's actually pretty good. When I do my push-ups, I start from the bottom and only go up maybe 3/4 of the way because I do have a thick upper back and shoulders so I adjust according to how my joints and muscles feel in a particular ROM. I still put in quite a bit of effort and even not always shooting for high reps, I focus best when it comes to form. On the hammer it's a little different; I don't go all the way up on a full swing and for good reason, the hammer is ridiculously heavy and you have to adjust to how you stabilize your core and the way you lift the hammer otherwise you can seriously hurt yourself. I have never had major injuries with the way I move and the way I keep a lid on how my methodical my form is. It's quite maddening once you really train with me.

Most of my bodyweight workouts are pretty low impact meaning I don't do very much of plyometrics or kip while doing pull-ups. I do from time to time do little jumps like in my animal movements but not to the point where i'm coming down hard on my feet, I do have scars and it's not fun having metal in your legs so don't expect me to do 100's of squat jumps and jumping onto boxes taller than Danny Devito. I like the low impact stuff since it still gives me that sense of being throughout the movement and it's still tough but not hardcore like some maniacal crossfit freak. It keeps a good solid foundation for my ankles, knees and upper joints in the arms and shoulders.

I do get people asking me from time to time how much I lift and that i'm not build for a bodyweight guy. I'm in the 250+ lbs. range and the majority of my training is pure bodyweight. The big reason why I have stayed massive for many years is because I do have a big appetite, no I don't eat food enough to be in the 5 digit range but I can chow down with some decent dudes in the fitness world, no where near like big strongmen or guys in the NFL but i'm telling ya, a buffet with me is just the tip of the iceberg. I like being big for the most part, it hasn't affected my joints or overtaxing my muscles; I recover quite well and eat plenty to feel good. You can be big and do bodyweight; Great Gama did it and others so there are people out there that just because they're heavily muscled doesn't mean it's from weights. I practice my training very methodically and when I'm hungry I eat brother. Remember, life is what you make of it and however you choose to do things, they will turn out the way they were meant to. Slam that hammer and use your body like a real machine, not using useless junk that cost more than your wardrobe.

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