Thursday, June 18, 2015

Who The Hell Can You Trust???

If you plan on getting a trainer to help you reach your goals, you can't just go to any trainer and i'm going to tell you why. Most trainers try to fill their ego by throwing down way too much money a student can barely afford and many don't practice what they preach because they fill their head with meaningless books on exercise and believe because of what they read and don't really practice but just throw it on other people and think they'll actually get fit. I don't care how many seminars, DVDs, CD's and equipment or certificates you have, if you don't have an imagination and have been put through certain ringers, you're not a real trainer.

When it comes to trainer and student, two things come to mind that should be in synergy with one another from both sides to work and that's Passion & Trust. Trust is precious and has to be on mutual ground otherwise you're both just running with the motions without having any regard for one another's faith and understanding of the other. Passion is something very few trainers have and here's my take on it: Many trainers like to play out their routines for people like they've rehearsed this script they wrote for themselves and repeat these little scenes they played out over and over until they become their own star that pretends to have passion. For the very few, they treat people with respect until otherwise no matter how big, small, tall, short, thin, overweight or whatever. They have them see things the students don't always see and feel in ways that can't be described unless you've experienced it. I have been trained by some of the best in Physical Culture and all of them share one thing and that's passion. Others fill their ego and rather take someone's money than be open with them and help in not just getting fit physically but emotionally as well. Trust is earned both ways not a one way street where this guy/girl tells you things and the student just goes a long with it like a sheep that follows the dog.

The type of trainer I look for if I wanted someone to train me is someone that has passion, lives out their training like it's their livelihood, helps you find out things about yourself you didn't see before, gives you hope and guidance; let's you be yourself and push unexpectedly without ever telling you directly but testing you in their own way, not the scripted type I just told you. They make you feel good about yourself and don't drill you like you're in the damn army but give enough to where you listen and hit it. Someone that could turn things into an awesome friendship that goes beyond training and helping each other on both sides; making the trainer learn something about themselves and learn lessons that will make them better. Most of all, I want a trainer that won't bullshit me and bring out the very best in my abilities.

To get the very best out of your training from a certain trainer, you must become more than what they believe you to have and will get out of it. Most trainers rather push you and see what you're capable of but to a cold and distant degree. I believe in how expectations can back fire either way but in the end, if you the student and your trainer come out less than what is expected within one or the other something isn't right here. The best trainer is when he/she has gotten better because they made their student better for them and vise versa. Sounds confusing but here's the jist, as a trainer you have the duty to train a student and your best to make them better and it's their duty to make you great not to look good but realize just how good they really are and you're seeing results. It's mutual feedback and you're learning from each other's body language and being able to understand what the other is teaching. The moral is, be better than you were before on both sides and with trust, passion and doing the best you can, you have a high chance of both succeeding.
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