Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Get Awesome Training Through VRT

I have mentioned the fitness method VRT before but if it's your first time learning here's the main focus....VRT is the method that means Visualized Resistance Training. It bring a unique element in the fitness realm where it combines the world of Muscle Control & Bodybuilding Exercise. You can do this type of training anywhere and anytime and it takes only a fraction of the time you spend in the gym. The purpose of this is to imagine you're lifting heavy weights or objects while using muscular tension to create the movement. Now in the words of Magnum P.I "I know what you're thinking" you are probably thinking of saying something to me like "why not lift real weights" or something like "you can't possibly build muscle from this crap and there's no way in hell it's better than lifting 'real' weights." First off, this is an alternative method for those who can't afford weights but want to have that similar feel to lifting them and it's for those who may want/or have to travel and they need a workout they can do in their hotel room, the airport, during a stint out of a business meeting whatever the case may be. It is a valuable tool that one can use in any sort of program and want to do something that's quick to do and can give you a cardio/strength affect.

One of the key elements to VRT is not just what you imagine and create the tension, it's also how you breathe. Your breath control can determine the outcome of a session and be able to not only build muscle but get a killer cardio in there at the same time. Think about doing a bicep curl for example; you create tension and move throughout the flexion of the exercise, if you hold your breath, you won't get the powerful element that can help you build muscle but if you control the breath as you move inhaling and exhaling in a strong fashion that is congruent with the tension and movement itself, it causes more of the blood to flow in the muscles when you relax. Same way creating any form of dumbbell/machine exercises you can think of.

In this manner of fitness you are going to learn an important piece of info that will progress your levels in a VRT session and that's your imagination. You don't have to just think dumbbells and machines to do the exercises justice, imagine lifting other things like when doing a press, picture what it would feel like to lift a heavy boulder or instead of a tricep pressdown, picture pressing down a heavy rope that lifts a monolithic stone. How about curling heavy buckets of rocks or concrete, hell how about picturing yourself doing upright rows lifting a heavy log or set of very heavy chains. You can imagine anything you want, for you anything is possible. This develops the mind/muscle connection where along with your imagination you contract the muscles for a specific exercise and you do enough reps not to push to failure but enough to where it can get you breathing hard. This can also be used to help develop muscle definition in your bodybuilding journey if you choose to do so. An old-time gymnast and muscle controlist Bobby Pandour didn't lift weights but yet constantly flexed his muscles utilizing breath control and thinking into the muscles. He had one of the greatest physiques of his generation if not the best.

I believe Charles Atlas had a hell of a course and it gave many men around the world a hell of a body to strive for and did it for health and fitness but there was one thing missing and that's using the imagination to develop the real tension in the muscles. The Atlas course is awesome but it's nothing compared to VRT because unlike Dynamic Tension, VRT is more explanatory and it gives you a little more structure and what to strive for. Sure both courses have a similar philosophy of being your own trainer and figuring out what works best for you yet VRT just let's you run free and to think for yourself as oppose to these are the exercise, this is how you do them and then you're on your own. Think about it; what would it feel like to build muscle and get your heart rate up anywhere and anytime you want to? To get in a workout that takes less than 20 min. a Day and can be done day or night or as a finisher to your other workouts, you decide what to do not the course deciding for you. I have used bodybuilding books as research and learning the different exercises based on various parts of the body and used them as VRT exercises; it is genuinely one of the most creative aspects of fitness in the near 2 decades I've done training.

To get more details and greater info on the scientific element plus exercises you can start with, go here where VRT is sold for the extremely low price of $9. With this course alone you save yourself thousands of dollars and a many hours would've been wasted being on machines that do nothing but isolate your muscles that can hurt you and think of the money you're saving on gym memberships, equipment that won't fit very well in your house when all that money can be used for the food to feed your family, insurance to supply protection from high cost hospital bills if you got hurt, your mortgage/rent and even use it to help someone in need. You may think $9 is too cheap but that amount can also be a lifesaver and bring you a new wave of health, strength and muscle building you never thought existed. Grab a copy and unlock your potential in creating workouts that you can do however you want, you're the boss, make it work for you.
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