Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Emphasis On Kettlebell Juggling

There are literally hundreds of thousands of different exercise systems but i'm going to tell you something you're not going to like and please don't send me hate mail. Around 95-98% of all exercise programs suck and are terribly boring plus shallow and pedantic and not to mention gratefully tedious. I mean seriously who the bloody hell comes with barbell squats on a bosu ball or using a kettlebell during aerobics class? Come on people, be more simplistic and not a bunch of shmucks reading out of a text book and calling yourselves trainers. Boring programs bring boring results and when you get bored, you become uninterested and you lose out.

Kettlebell training alone brings great benefits; uploaded strength and conditioning, flexibility, endurance and all sorts of ways to move that piece of iron or soft styled bell. The three main ideals for Kettlebell work is the Snatch, Clean & Swing; all three have tremendous effects on the nervous system and can help burn off fat and build muscle quicker than most systems. The type of training I'll be talking about goes beyond that....Kettlebell Juggling. You're probably thinking "What is this the circus who the hell wants to Juggle?" KB Juggling takes the training to a whole different spectrum that builds hand/eye coordination, brain activity, strength in multiple angles and places it's Core of moving the kettlebell from one one of the body to the other. What if you could flip, catch, swing under the legs, switch hands and do all sorts of cool moves that will make your conditioning that much more fun and enjoyable?

Systems I believe should have a sense of fun, enjoyment and interesting to practice. Nothing too complicated and bring a sense of creativity and aspirations for play. I enjoy most of the systems I practice but since I've added KB Juggling it takes on a life of its own and have only  done a few workouts on it using a Soft Kettlebell. It tests your strength and conditioning in a very unique way and tests your grip strength and agility to shift or catch the kettlebell from one hand to another and doing all sorts of combos and movements. It can help you amplify your basic abilities in the snatch, clean/press and swing. 

One of the things I was taught while I was rehabbing myself was to practice moving the body from as many angles as possible utilizing basic principles and simplistic sense of understanding how you use your own Physiology. Being able to strengthen your body from different positions using full body movement brings out more than just muscle development but how you become flexible, supple and adapting your body in odd positions. KB Juggling brings out some of the very best Multi-Angular Training prowess in your quest for fitness both in body and mind. Just the basic juggling moves are tough trying to catch it and time it plus keeping a firm grip on the bell to process the next set of moves. Start off with a small weight but the heavier you can juggle, the more impressive you'll be. Practice with intent and be sure to use a regular KB outdoors and use a Soft KB for indoors so it won't break anything on your floor. 

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