Friday, June 26, 2015

Go Beyond A Single Training Tool

In the movie City Slickers where Jack Palance & Billy Crystal are riding in the New Mexico plains, good ole Jack tells Billy the secret to life. Do you know what it is? One thing, just one thing, you stick to that and everything else don't mean shit. Although in fitness there's no such thing as a One-Way to do things, however; there is a favorite exercise tool everyone has whether it's just their bodyweight, a kettlebell, a big sledgehammer, barbells/dumbbells whatever there's one way that sticks with them and they beyond what the normal ways of using them. They take that one tool no matter what it is and make it magical for them if they put themselves in the right state of mind.

I use a lot of tools to train with but the one thing I stick to when I use them is my imagination, I create something out of them that may not look like anything to the human eye but to me, a sense of magic happens; not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. Magic is real and it's through the imagination that brings out the very best in your abilities. It doesn't matter what you use or how you do it, the one thing that makes it all worth while and brutally beautiful is how you make things happen. When you have a big sledgehammer in your hands and you hit a tire as many times as possible whether in sets or whatever, you develop power in your body that can't be experienced with anything else. You picture being John Henry taking on the machine or lifting and moving a mighty axe like it was in an epic movie or you sum up the thunder from the heavens like Thor, anything is possible in your imagination. With a Kettlebell, you can develop conditioning that is unique by juggling it, making it your mission to use it in many ways most won't do; it takes a special skill to utilize your mind into how you develop your body.

The way you picture, feel and sense in your imagination brings out the very best of your abilities to do something incredible. Most rather go through the motions and follow along like a little puppy and that's fine if it works for them but if you're a regular reader of this blog, i'm guessing you're not the normal type and have that odd sense of being where you want to get past that typical stuff and go beyond what your capable of. You can amplify your results just by how you picture something and putting it into action. A tool to most people is just that a tool, nothing else but for those that love that tool and use it to get themselves fit don't just see it as a tool; it's part of their livelihood, it's their sense of who they are and what they're willing to fight for. They see themselves in that very tool.

Simplistic fitness is a key to going far into your training journey. With one tool, you can create a world no one can comprehend. With a Barbell you can create strength very few people can ever create, if you're a bodyweight enthusiast you have endless possibilities to become more athletic than anyone can possibly imagine. Whatever tool you decide to use, do something with it that makes you different, keeps you on your toes and lets you live in a place where you can always go to. Just one thing and if you stick to it, the rest don't mean shit.

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