Monday, February 16, 2015

Sprint Your Way Into Spring & Beyond

     It's important to get a head start on your goals because once you've begun, it becomes easier to focus on than half-assing it telling yourself "I'll do it tomorrow." Flowers are blooming, sun is getting warmer, day is shining brighter and everything begins new life. As a matter of fact, why not blossom into a fit and strong superhero since your favorite Marvel Movie is coming out just before Summer; Avengers: Age Of Ultron and dive into your own battles on shedding unwanted fat and build muscle like a madman. You don't need super powers to be a hero, but if you want the very best out of your body and want to get muscled up in a short amount of time without drugs, performance enhancers or any of the bad protein shakes than Sprints or better yet Superhero Sprints is one way to do it.


    Why wait to see Avengers 2 when you can possibly build a body like one and not just look incredible but have the speed, strength and crazy calorie burning to go along with it. I've done Sprinting in the past and it's kept weight off me longer than I expect it too. I've stopped because me and winter don't get along so I ditched the field for moving around the house, although I've kept up athletically but I have put on about 20 pounds which is now at 260, I was 242 when I stopped. Sprints practically murder unwanted fat and jump start your hormones like you were still a damn teenager. Starting at about 30 or so (and to think I'm that age now) our hormones begin to decline about 1-5% per year, that's not good especially for men who want to keep their masculinity and feel like a man ready to take charge, women too; there needs to be a balance that keeps your womanly hormones fresh as well as having a good level of testosterone that keeps fat from slipping up. Men need that balance too but yet we need far more testosterone. How would it feel to you to run like Captain America, have an appetite like Thor and have the hormones of an 18 year old kid and keep fat away and muscle reaching their natural peak? I'm a fan of Superheroes as you can tell and I realize in reality I can't fly, run like the Flash, have the muscle of Thor in the comics or have an appetite like the Incredible Hulk but yet with my imagination and a little boost of sprint training, I can build natural muscle, burn off fat, lose weight, eat nearly whatever I want and boost my metabolism faster than the average man my age.


    It's time to get cracking with sunshine and sweat. As you go through the Superhero Sprinting Program, you'll learn that in order to really blowtorch the fat you need to put in the effort but you won't need hours of training but the most you'll be training is 60 minutes a week. Getting that Vitamin D and drinking plenty of water can boost your results faster and don't need to count calories because even on the first day of Sprinting, you'll be burning an insane amount of calories even hours after your workout. If you live on the Coast of California, you have a greater advantage to train in this manner than those around other areas of the country where winter is still hitting cities and towns. However, if you're not ready to get that sunshine yet because it's so damn cold, you can do this program indoors which has an entire section dedicated to it so you don't really have an excuse. Nobody can work out or exercise (play) for you so if you want to get the best out of your body, get up and get moving. You don't need to do this program everyday (actually you'd be very dumb to do so), this system is meant to be done 3x a week maximum. Think about it, training for 20-25 min. and the majority of the time is spent resting because you need to reserve your oxygen; as you get better, do lesser rest periods but take it as long as you need to.


    Be prepared to get your ass kicked and have fun training with a side of awesome strength and hormones. Before you get into the exercises, take a few minutes to loosen up the joints especially the hamstrings, ankles, knees and hips, keeping them strong will get you less injured and more powered up for the tough exercises ahead. This isn't something I'm going drill seargent on I actually want you to have a great time and fill your imagination of being your favorite superhero and building the body of your dreams. Nothing comes easy but one of the simplest and pure forms of muscle building and fat burning is by doing Sprints period. This is most likely going to be my training program for the spring and summer because I want to be outside and getting that fresh air, I'm done being home with limited space, go swimming, lift some rocks, climb somewhere and be free. I'm tweaking this program a bit to my style which has a similar outlook to it but the principles stay the same. There's even a section that is made for beginners who haven't done much training or are very new to it. Go through it as thoroughly as possible and do your best to make it work for you.

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