Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Train With Your Kids

    In this day and age there are school shootings, kids getting fatter everyday and it's become somewhat of a concern in some countries including our own when play has become very strict. I can deal with structuring and teaching kids to be careful but you can't take away too many things otherwise you're treating them like they don't have a right to just have fun. In Australia, a teacher or set of teachers have restricts kids to not do cartwheels while during recess; I don't know if that's true but even if it was it's not awesome or funny to take away an activity that brings such joy. Do kids get hurt sometimes yes and it does suck sometimes but the other kids shouldn't suffer because it happens every now and then. There's always been violence in the world especially in the home and it's sad when kids are getting beat up or slapped around because of stupid things what does that tell you about the parents. I've been hit a time or two and for very dumb reasons and it's one of the reasons why I vowed to never hit my future son/daughter in any manner because I don't promote physical/verbal or emotional abuse and it's not worth it trying to teach the kid discipline. We have more food varieties than ever in the last century but yet because of cheap prices and an overwhelming idiotic way to pay hardworking people we have become a nation of junk food addicts. Making healthy choices isn't east but it's not impossible.


    I've been around kids my whole life ever since I was brought to a day care when I was 6 months old. I'm still friends with the family that raised me to this day and throughout that time I've seen a ton of kids come and go. Some of those same kids had incredible parents but others not so much. Some parents have just let go and can't keep themselves in god shape to even help raise their kids. Out of shape, overweight, skinny and other things but still if you can't keep yourself healthy, how you are supposed to help your kid be healthy. Just because your kid can physically run around doesn't mean their mentality isn't at stake. I've had my fair share of run ins with my dad and he wasn't always healthy either. I'm not saying all parents have trouble with kids it's the toughest job in the world whether you're a single parent or two parent family. The point here is, if you want the best out of your kid's life, don't just put a roof over their head and feed them whenever you need to or they need to but also bond with them, talk things over with them, discipline them in a healthy way and share the little things in life with them without hidden agendas, bribery or force them in more than a number of ways otherwise they will figure it out and can resent you for the longest time.


    One of the healthiest things you can do for your son(s)/daughter(s) is to play with them, exercise with them disguised as play. When you create something that's productive and offers not only a form of discipline but structured to value teamwork, punishment without the violent side of it and sharing a common goal of getting kids on the right track in life. It doesn't matter if you get them to do animal movements, push-ups for talking back, playing tag, grounding them adding an exercise for that punishment or whatever it's better than taking the easy route by slapping the kid around or spanking them or just taking away their favorite things. Back to bonding; when your kids exercise with you, it forms a powerful entity when those endorphins kick in and taking all that energy out in a healthy way because some kids are not so easy to calm down, they're hyper, can't stop moving and you're more exhausted trying to chase them around. When you need to get serious do so but don't do it out of anger or frustration, be bold and honest. Have fun with your kids, let them open up their imagination with you alongside them. You only get so many years with your kid so make the best of them even when times are tough and tension arises, make the choices because it will have an impact on their life one way or another.


    I have never worked out with my parents and playing wasn't always easy to come by but I loved going on trips, going to ball games, spend summers in Tahoe, watch something hilarious and laughing it up with either one so it was a lot of fun but I always wondered what it would've been like to play tag and being chased, race them or whatever. I'm not saying every family should wear spandex pants and bandanas and chase each other moving like a wild ape while shouting their sounds around the neighborhood (although that would be quite hilarious in itself) but the point is, to get the best out of yourself and kids is to bond in some form that is accepting, loving and helping one another. Sure kids need space very now and then and want to be with friends or significant others when they get older but yet there's that power of family that just sticks with you and a greater appreciation for each other that many families will never understand. Keep your kids fit and healthy but do the same for yourself yet if you do it at the same time it can bring many other benefits of not only raising awesome kids but also giving them hope and faith in each other with not only physical health but building brain power, emotional balance and structure that helps them in their own lives. You have the power to change their life.


Be safe and healthy everyone. And to all you kids out there, have fun, listen to your folks, do the best you can on your homework and keep being awesome. You guys rock, don't ever forget that. Be awesome.
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