Monday, October 13, 2014

Let The Animal Flow Through You

    Many systems of training would have you believe that in order to exercise like them they treat you like a little puppet; they've put the strings on you making you dance and twirl and got you in the palm of their hands. They don't care about your freedom, they mostly just want your money and don't give a shit whether you live or die. Sure they'll train you but also drain you just so they can keep going to the bank. I do understand people need to make a living but there's a fine line between someone being an asshole and one that is compassionate, willing to help you achieve your goals the best way they can teaching you their style and helping you adapt to yours. That's what me and a few others believe in, we want to help you succeed and show you how to take your fitness to a whole other level with intensity and adventure because that's what it's all about. No more being someone's puppet, you are your own man/woman to make the decisions you want to make.


    One thing I have always emphasized about training is the ability to have fun. Sure you can be serious about making goals and challenging yourself but if you strict yourself to feel like it's more punishment than adventure than what's the point. The way we connect our minds and bodies together is through the way we think and putting it into the physical. Our imaginations help us find that line that will make us or break us in our training. When I see something I believe can benefit me and utilize my imagination, I believe in it whole heartedly. Recently I got the Animal Flow workout program created by Mike Fitch and I've done some of the moves before by just watching and imitating but when I finally got it and started practicing them, it's a whole new look at training. There are times when Bodyweight Exercise gets a bad rap because you can't get strong unless you lift weights or it's an endurance thing or better yet it's a beginner's type of training; hate to burst your bubble people but you haven't seen bodyweight training like this before. The way you move your body in multiple directions, switching from move to the other and combine movements in a sequence can take down even the strongest of men. It's fun, interesting and it's unique which I like because too many people show the same type of training but this is way different.


    The moves you will learn in Animal Flow will not only make you strong and flexible but give you that athletic prowess that feeds on speed, coordination, awareness and how you use your body in various motion. There are a lot of boring stretching programs and some strength training programs that just dull and generic when this takes out all of that and be able to move however you want and get both a stretch and build strength at the same time, when that happens it's a sure fire to work. It doesn't matter if you're in a sport or just want to get in shape, just a few minutes of this training will have you breathing hard, sweating like crazy, moving with grace & agility and open up your body in a whole new way. When it comes to progression, its right up there with some of the best I've ever seen. He takes the ABC's to a whole other level and it makes you want to move and do cool stuff.


    From some of the advanced movements it looks like Animalized Breakdancing and to me that's just insane and fun to look at but I'm one of those guys who likes to move and just flow through my own way which he also teaches. We've all seen some form of breakdancing and not just spinning the head on a piece of cardboard but combining moves that involve hand balancing, jumping, switching from one form to the other, dancing and utilizing the imagination to move in a very unique way. In this form of training he breaks down bit by bit on how to work the moves efficiently using hand placements, using the legs to switch and stretch the body while holding a certain position. Once you understand how to use the moves you can combine them however you want and that's what I love is to be able to learn cool exercises and mold them into my own style instead of being told to train this way or that way. Flow in your own way, practice making the moves your own, learn how to get them down to the point where it's not even like working out but playing and having a good time while building a body you can be proud of or be able to move like an animal in the wild being free and happy to do as you wish.


Hope everyone had a kick ass weekend and welcome to a new week. Less than two weeks and I'm off to Spokane, WA for the first PAC Con (Washington's version of Comic Con) and getting my geek on seeing celebs, grabbing a few comics maybe and have the time of my life. Be awesome everyone and have a wonderful Monday.

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