Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Nature Of Movement

    In the last 30 years or more, we have devolved in terms of how we use movement as a practice for everyday life. Back when I was a kid in the early 90's we ran around the yard chasing each other, crawling, jumping, playing tag and being free. We swam when we went to the pool, we jumped off docks at the lake, climbed a few rocks to get to a place where when it was windy the water would splash up on us. Indoors there was a lot of crawling, squatting to play with the toys and (I was older when me and my friends did this) played silly sports games that were just intense and had to use every muscle in our bodies in a very tiny space. You can't do that from being on a treadmill or a machine, it's flat out impossible in my book. The few however that have continued to grow have taught people how to move with efficiency and using the muscles and tendons/ligaments in a natural manner although structured to learn but teach how to use our instincts.


    Some say we are descendants from Adam & Eve, others believe we came from hunter/gatherers of those who lived in Caves and apparently there those who believe that we just miraculously evolved out of nowhere to learn the understanding of Agriculture, Farming, Supply Shipping and whatever else that created this Civilization of the Remote Past. I'm not religious whatsoever but I'm not going to bring down someone's beliefs so they can think what they want. Quite frankly you can have your research and stating what is factual or what's myth and what you can gather from bones and artifacts the truth of the matter is no matter how you look at things it all comes down to one word: Survival. In the remote past it wasn't always having civilization and crops to grow to have food and the only water you had was in a river/lake. People needed to eat, drink and keep warm so they had to come up with a way to keep going and sometimes on a daily basis fight to get the best out of the things needed for a tribe or single person. These were the first geniuses of our ancient world because if they hadn't come up with a way to survive, they'd be dead period. Our ancestors needed to do a ton of things in order to survive for instance; crawl under low places, jump from one spot to another to avoid whatever, swim to catch fish or save a life of a tribesmen, run as fast as they can muster to avoid predators or chase after one and lift things to carry back to camp such as maybe firewood, rocks to cover up something or to use as a weapon. They relied on their instincts and had to move with such power and strength and they never were even taught it (not like today) so what we learn today is more structured to how our ancestors survived but it's got more of a twist.


    As a human species we are practically the most adaptable on the planet. We can never be strong as a tiger or gorilla, fly like bird, run like a cheetah or fish like a bear, hell even have the stealth of a Crocodile but we can adapt to practically any environment using our bodies to crawl, jump, squat, shift from one side to the other, going backwards just as efficiently as moving forward and our brain capacity amplifies that of any animal. This is how we are supposed to move our bodies; did I forget to mention we also can lift heavy objects in our time of need and/or carry them. Our DNA has us using our Physiology and Structure to move in a state of instinct and whether we are taught this or that it will come down to our instincts and not only the fight or flight mechanism but our brain can send energy to our system that has thrown that form of adrenaline within us. It is our nature to move and we as a species have lost touch on how to make our movements not just more natural but useful and utilizing our potential for real world strength and stamina.


    Like I said before we have the ability to adapt more than any other type of animal. We can cover areas from quite a distance, have incredible strength, run for miles on end and our ability to adapt when we need to sprint like hell for whatever reason and our awareness is very vast and cunning. We are wasting our potential by sitting on our asses and looking at violence and sex and many other things on a daily basis and it's become a horror basically. Move around your house, go outside and play around, jump on one leg, crawl under a long part of a tree, run on a track, lift rocks/logs or anything that is heavy that you can handle, go swimming in the lake or the ocean, Squat to pick something up or sit in that position to play or whatever. The point is to use what nature was intended for you, I don't care if you believe in god or whatever but nature is nature and you are part of it, use it to your potential and it doesn't matter where you live, learn to adapt.


Have a great Tuesday everyone, be awesome and get up and move.

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