Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Excitement Of Training

    Most don't look at training or working out as a sign of excitement especially from an internal stand point because you're sweating, moving from place to place in the gym and doing some weird ass aerobics class (you see those new kangaroo jumpers they use). Now this doesn't just happen in the gym, it happens at home, while you're out swimming, at a park practically anywhere and one of the reasons most don't excited is because they don't explore themselves internally; using their imagination to create a workout or routine that fires every muscle in the body, picturing something happening while holding a stance or posture. You can go through the motions and still get some kind of result but it won't be the result you want, why not explore your imagination to make the workout interesting. Create scenarios, do pull-ups and each time you come down, picture as if a fire is trying to burn you alive. When you do squats, picture as if something was coming at you and you have to duck to avoid it. When you lift weights like a bench press, picture as if it wasn't a barbell with plates on it but I really heavy beam and in order to live you have you have to push that beam off of you. Now some of these don't need to be that drastic but you get my drift.


    There are certain exercises that are just so tedious boring (in my Thaddeus voice from Your Highness) that it's hard to believe that some of these things were created to get results. Seriously if you're going to take an exercise that could be effective but it's so dull, why not add a little zest to it. You can practically turn any exercise into a mighty training tool yes even some of those machines but I prefer old school lifting and bodyweight style training but anyway, if you can make a simple exercise fun and enjoyable, you're no longer working out, you're creating mighty training tools to get the results you want. You have a brain, so why not use it to your advantage and turn it into an awesome exercise that looks the same to everyone but you. You have the right to feel excited when you train, it should never be a punishment but a rewarding experience that could change the very landscape of what you have been taught. The way certain people teach is a bit cold-hearted and try to be all hardcore and act like a want be badass (have you seen those exercises some of those trainers teach, holy shit they're god awful) but that's not a reflection on you, it's on them and you deserve to get awesome results and have the time of your life, trainers are supposed to help you train so one day you won't need them anymore but yet they'll reel you in just so they can take more money from you but the real deal gives you the tools you need so you can be successful on your own.


    It sometimes can be a drastic change, at times it's easy to change but overall going from dull and boring to adventure is one hell of an experience and you have an opportunity to make it happen. I've seen people come and go from the gym and around certain areas like a park or field and you can just sense the fire that's inside them but others just go through the motions acting like there's no care around them and to me that's just sad. Ever felt that excitement as a kid when you played tag or being in the sand, opening your mind like it was the easiest thing in the world, what happened to you bro/girl? Oh yeah that's right you grew up and felt that opening your mind to an adventure was just a child's thing and you overanalyze everything. Stop and smell the roses everyone, there's a whole world you can create and it's all in your mind and you have a power in you that is just bursting to come out. Be adventurous, have a blast with what you do, laugh and when you train, have a little fun with it, be creative and let the inner kid in you out to play because this world is messed up as it is and the few of us that choose to live with happiness and lightful in a dark world find it different in our minds and we utilize it to help make the world a better place.


    There's potential in all of us and there's always going to be something we're terrible at but on the other side of the coin we are incredible at something and when we find it, it makes us whole and we do the best we can to ascend that ladder of success using what we're best at. Some don't know what they're good at yet but it's there and you have the power to find it. When you do, hold onto it and never let go. Use your potential to reach new heights and be successful at it. It doesn't matter if you want to get strong, do cool stunts, create a business, write a book, train others no all that matters is you find what you're best at and if it makes you happy, run with it and never look back because you have the potential to change the world just by doing what you're best at and you progress within your own style because nobody can force you to make your potential run any faster, we run at our own speed and we grow the way it is meant for us as an individual.


Happy Thor's Day everyone and have an awesome day. It is the night before Halloween so get your costumes ready, do what you need to do and have a blast the next night.

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