Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sprints Without Needing To Run

    When people think of sprinting, normally you'd think running very fast as hard as possible on a track/field, up hills and stairs but yet sprinting can be used in a variety of ways where you don't always need to run your ass off. As far as I'm concerned Hill Sprints and hard running on a field for up to 30 seconds is the very best method for burning fat faster than anything else. Some of you may not have that luxury due to being in certain places that doesn't have hills or you live in a city that uses more of the elevator and also weather can be a factor. I'm all for training in nearly any type of weather but I realize some of you like to be in inside and want to train in that environment or somewhere around your home.


    My training varies from practicing chi kung to hard hitting sledgehammer work and I even practice DDP Yoga from to time but if I want a quick workout that doesn't take a lot of time and is easy to set up, I go out to my driveway and work with my 50ft one inch thick rope and go to war on Battling Ropes. It has become a great trend lately in the last couple years due to its major influence from old-time strongman John Brookfield. Because of the way you need to use your arms to make those kick ass waves takes a ton of strength and coordination that it's almost impossible to not burn fat doing this. Although there is more than one way to sprint, I find this the most fun and interesting because you can vary the exercises by going in different directions, different grips and more often than not changing the tempo while maintaining a good clip and velocity that makes you sweat from head to toe within a few minutes or less.


    If you want a workout that will smoke you quick and you're pressed for time; do this and you'll be cooked like a Xmas goose in 10 min. Go after this workout once you have the basic exercises down and are efficient to keep going.


-30 seconds on/15 seconds off

Go for up to 10-15min. in this fashion.


It is brutal, hardcore and will test your limits and your creativity as you generate a great amount of strength and endurance that shape you into a machine.


    When it comes down to it, just training with the ropes a few times a week will generate a great deal of natural HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Because of the benefits of strength and cardio at the same time, the exercises will take your lungs and your breathing to the next level and you're working the whole body by holding a stance with your legs or squatting depending on the exercise and working your arms, shoulders, back, grip and anything else you can think of. This type of sprinting burns fat like crazy and the amount of strength you generate is immense. Think about it especially if you're over 35 or 40 to bring up your levels of natural testosterone and power up your metabolism like when you a kid. For women, this helps awesomely for strengthening the arms to get rid of that fat from the upper arms, being in a quarter squat for a period of time taking fat out of your glutes, thighs and hamstrings and building a killer core because you have to stabilize a certain position in order to stay efficient for the movement. It doesn't take up much time but if you want to train longer that's fine too, Brookfield can go for an hour without stopping so there are a great amount of possibilities. Get fit fast without wasting your time on hours of endless training that won't get you anywhere. Unless you're a pro athlete or training for competition, 45 min. to an hour of training should be your max and using compound movements that hit multiple muscles.


Be awesome and rope yourself into a powerfully fit body with endurance to back it up.




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