Friday, September 26, 2014

My Unusual Way Of Researching

    As a fitness fanatic, I always find certain ways to get stronger, interested in cool programs, watch films, listen to music and read books. There are certain phrases done in a certain tone that help me discover a way to unlock my brain power into training differently. I guess you can say I'm a total nerd when it comes to this stuff. Although I love fitness my research doesn't involve it. I have a very unusual way of laughing pretty much any time I wanted which is a workout in itself if you really understand it; I can think of something funny at the top of my head out of nowhere and I just start laughing my ass off. After I have a good laugh, my body is more relaxed, calmer, full of life and I can train very efficiently. Laughter is an awesome tool to help you train if you learn to apply it.


    The way I see things and hear things is different than most people. When I see an action flick or a scene that is emotionally intense, I see an opportunity to learn how to make my training more fun or serious to do. Remember those scenes in No Country For Old Men where the guy is just so cold he doesn't hesitate killing someone, its not one of those "maybe I'll kill you" kind of character it's destiny and that's the way it's going to be, most see that as a cold-blooded murderer with a psycho entity but me; I see intense focus and yes it's evil but for you it's a way of learning to channel your focus on what you want to do. How about listening to a certain quote not just reading it but how it's sounded. Reading a quote can be done in many ways but the way it sounds is more powerful, it can make you laugh or cry, make you think or it can destroy your way of seeing things. You can take some of the most ridiculous quotes from music, film, books and turn them into some of the most intense sayings. Kind of like a workout that just looks weird, odd and unorthodox and yet can turn it into the most intense and sweat drenching workout of your life and you're so focused it makes people run instead of laugh at. I have done workouts playing the animal dice game from Animal Kingdom Conditioning and yes some are tough and some a relatively easy but even doing what's called the Cartoon Workout which consists of looking at the exercises as your favorite characters can be the most brutal and fun workout of your life and you'll never see those characters the same way again.


    For a while now I've looked into certain aspects of Mythology from the Greeks, Norse, Irish and even Vampires to study not only the strength and superhuman entities of these beings but the way they're personality is conducted and how they live that can be both a blessing and a curse. Like the Vampire that has extraordinary gifts of sight, strength and speed but yet has to live with the fact that it's main source of food is blood. Also given its lifespan can last 100's of years which means knowledge and learning different aspects of culture throughout time. How does this apply to training? Well, you learn things you normally don't learn from other places, you're not into learning the normal way of training, you want to be crazy strong, super-fast and want to find out how to increase your length of life at the same time gain knowledge of the foremost secrets that mainstream people don't know, like an underground thing. In all of mythology there is always some power hungry god or goddess that think they're hot shit and if you don't worship them they'll find a way to destroy you in some form or another; we as humans can relate to that because we have people that are so full of themselves that if we think differently of them in a way they don't approve they'll get rid of you or put you down in some form or another. Think about it from a fitness point of view, there are "top gurus" who tell people that they're way to train is the only way and if you strike back at them because you have a different opinion they'll give you shit for it. Truth is we are all different and we can't do things the same way so in order to make something successful happen, we need to find a way to learn what can be the best for us and makes us the very best of ourselves. Train according to your needs and use exercises that use your potential to become very good at what you do.


    The few people who know this I'm a total movie buff (if you don't believe me than you ought to learn about my collection). Ever since I was a kid, movies have been my way to get away, have a few laughs, get pumped up or spend time with family and friends. I have many favorites from Indiana Jones to Spaceballs, Star Wars to cult films like The Big Labowski and yes I like some of the dumbest films ever like Adam Sandler films to Will Ferrell but I also like Marvel Films like the Avengers series, X-Men and Blade and even DC stuff like Batman & Superman. I get pumped every time I watch Indy or get great ideas about training from Pumping Iron and I even get a kick out of the sarcasm and references used in the Avengers. As a fitness fanatic, this is an incredible way for me to learn how to channel my focus when I train because of the way a character moves or his intensity in a scene helps me find an intense way to focus so much on what I do that nothing else gets past me. The Expendables are awesome to watch because you have the nostalgic thing of seeing the greatest action stars in one flick and you can't help but want to train and just get that flow of testosterone going.


Happy Friday everyone and have a kick ass weekend. If you have a weird way of researching ways to train or have an unusual way of doing what you love, that's great. If it makes you happy and it helps you be unique than don't ever let it go. You may have the most oddball way of learning things and you know what, that's awesome because you found a way to do what works for you. Keep it up and use it to make yourself successful.

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