Monday, July 7, 2014

Spheres And You


      In the CoreForce Energy Course, there is a section as you follow forward with the course that talks about Sphere Training. This section to me is worth the entire course in itself because it teaches you where to put these powerful magnetic and electrically strong spheres around your body to enhance your movement and gain strength/speed. What can you visualize to make yourself stronger and more fluid? When you think of something, a result comes into play. Our thoughts are more than we perceive to be. As you come to understand in how to create the sounds and where you put the spheres, you'll see how you move with such power and using the muscles in precise moments. Think what it would be like to move with great strength in your sport, walk and talk with a great energetic presence.


    As you learn the spheres and bringing emotional content with full power and belief, you'll start to notice you're not fighting to be fluid and strong, you'll be feeding it. It doesn't matter where you put them and where you want them to go, if you practice with great intention and utilizing your imagination you can create movements that can amp up your heart rate that can burn off fat, learn to move and hold in awkward positions and still be strong enough to throw a punch and/or kick. The true strength relies in our imagination, to be congruent with our muscles and spring into action just by using a thought and following that with movement. This isn't some mumbo-jumbo magic trick or the thought that you can't possibly be strong from different angles, I've used this method enough to know that when I turn it on and bring my imagination into play, I walk more fluidly, I feel stronger in my Yoga poses and move much quicker without the tension that would normally come around. It's still a practice to learn and not just creating sounds or trying to see where to put these spheres; it's adding emotion, raw power through your thought. If you just make the sounds, put the spheres somewhere and not put any emotion or thought into, you won't have that power and fluidity that comes up.


    Just because something isn't physically there doesn't mean it's not real to you. I'm very visual person and have a vivid imagination so I can pick up rather quickly the images but some people aren't. For some they have to physically see something in order to understand it and it can be tough. So in order to look at this from a certain perspective, it takes practice but it doesn't need to be a drag. Make it fun and interesting for you, see what you want to see in order to feel and letting the strength come. You can't physically see the spheres but they're everywhere in your mind, it's just a matter of where you want to put them to get the biggest benefit of the movement(s) you want to accomplish.


    To get the biggest benefit of this type of training is to not only see them in your mind but you have to believe they're there. When you believe and it becomes so powerful, the next step is taking action and you create what you want out of it. It doesn't come easy but it's worth learning. Imagine being able to carry heavy suitcases, fight without fatigue, run down the field and no one can catch up with you, hit the ball out of the park with intense but fluent strength and think what it would be like to walk up stairs without putting strain on your knees; be pretty awesome huh?


Happy Monday everyone and Be Awesome.

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