Friday, July 4, 2014

Possessing Real Raw Power

    To know the true secrets of unlocking real raw power and strength is to not only be open minded but to look inside within yourself and develop through practice the technique and belief that such a thing is not only real but to jump start everything inside you that could not only help you save someone's life but can also help you reach levels you never imagined in your own life. Practice doesn't always mean perfect, you can practice badly and be good at being bad at it. The practice is to find the rhythm that works together with your mind and body together. Moving fluidly with grace and crazy strength. It's also not something to just work the motions, practice the techniques but practice with passion, living breath of internal power and working congruently with the universe.


    To truly master this secret of unlocking super strength and power is to also master who you are. If you're not confident in your abilities, it won't work for you, you have to believe it's there and you have a way to unleash the intensity of this powerful secret. One way to look at this powerful secret is to study the Vampire; there are some who have the wisdom of centuries and know full well about using the power that's inside them, it attracts what they want, it gives them unbelievable physical and charismatic strength. It's radiant energy can only be seen if a vampire allows it. Their sense is more wired, their sight is much clearer and their speed is just surreal. Is it possible to have this in real life? Maybe not to the extreme you see in the movies or read about in books but you can enhance the powers you have by practicing and learning certain techniques that is congruent with your body and your imagination.


    When you open up the power within you, you can do great extraordinary things you never thought possible. The body is capable of doing incredible things, unleash muscle fibers for great strength, cells that create blood flow and heal itself, the ability to enhance eyesight through deep concentration and feel energy that no amount of caffine or drug can even begin to take hold. To unlock it is to believe, that confident vibration that leads to unleashing raw power not just physical but surrounded energy that can help you attract what you want, whether it could be a relationship, a business deal, a duration of a sporting competition or to attract money. I've been practicing this for years and still have improvement to go on.


    The body's ability to heal is incredible but yet it has to be congruent with the way you think. Let me give you an example; when I broke my legs yes I was afraid I would never walk again even though doctors told me I'd be up running marathons in no time. After being in a hospital bed and a wheelchair for so long, I made a decision to believe that not only will I walk again I was going to be far stronger than ever. This belief was so powerful no one was going to tell me anything different. It consumed me so much my body was not only repairing itself quicker than expected but I was healing on a much deeper level. I took action because of this belief and I did something everyone thought was a bad decision, I chose to rehab by myself and let me deal with my own recovery. Within 6 months I hit over 1000 squats in under an hour. I will say don't just believe in something and think it's just going to come, you have to take action as well; think about my example, if I had only believed I would just walk and not do anything else, I wouldn't be sitting here talking to you about it. To unlock this power is through belief, action and passion. Want to know how to learn this powerful secret, check out CoreForce Energy and practice it's teachings.


Happy Independence Day everyone. Be Awesome and have a great weekend.

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