Monday, March 31, 2014

Training Comes With A Price

            What you believe in is your choice. Some people prefer weights over bodyweight, some loath weights and find them useless for any given strength; the truth of the matter is to find what’s suited to you and really only you. When you become comfortable in the way you train, take it a step further and challenge it a little, mix things up, make the exercises harder, experiment with different tempos, speeds and play.

            Not everyone will agree with what you do and that’s ok. You are unique and your body responds differently, so train according to how your body responds to the training you create and experiment with. Me personally, I like different styles that I mold into my own. I do a little gymnastics, a little weights, animal movements, natural movements, bending steel and whatever I can come up with. If you’re into one particular style and that’s it more power to you. I'm a big man and I've been told I shouldn't be able to do the things I do but you know what, I love it and that’s what is important.

            Be open and share who you are but also use it as a positive influence. There are great trainers and fitness guys out there who are awesome at what they do but their attitude needs a little shaping. I’m not asking you to change who you are, you're awesome in your own right but a positive attitude is a key to success. I believe in helping others and giving them tools with a smile and bringing love and care to help them be successful but there are some out there who are bitter and treat certain people calling them whiners and whatnot, this isn't the military, these are human beings trying to find what can work for them.

            Have a kick ass attitude, sometimes a little tough love to help reach their potential but to a degree. If you're overweight and want to drop a few pounds, I'm not going to tell you upfront you're fat or put you down like some people I know but I will tell you this; the battle is on you and how you win it is up to you, if you want to lose weight, take it one step at a time, I’m not going to hold you your hand but to be motivated is to believe even for a fraction that you can make something happen. If you're rail thin and need to put on some muscle, same principle applies, believe even if it’s down to the smallest fraction that it could be possible, it’s a start and progress upward one fraction at a time.

            I know what it’s like to not be motivated, to give up, being depressed because of my weight or because I'm not as strong or fit as the guy next to me in the gym, I've been there and I've had a wake up call that is a little extreme than most people. You are a very strong person even if you don’t know it yet, the power is there and it’s edging to come out. You're not a loser and you don't need to listen to some bullshit people who drag you down, you are mighty and you are powerful, it takes practice but you can bring it out. That to me is the price of training, to find your true self and how you apply it to everything else in your life.

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