Friday, February 14, 2014

Top 10 Benefits For Doing Isometric Exercises

Training the body has many benefits. Some have more benefits than others. Isometrics has gone beyond beneficial to how it can create a lithe, sculpted and tremendous strengthened physique that will blow you out of the water. Granted Isometrics isn't the greatest exercise method known to man but with an addition to them you will benefit greatly. Here are 10 different benefits when you apply Isometrics.....

1. Building Muscle Mass:

Think you can’t build muscle without using weights? Think again. There was a study in the Journal of Physiology that put a trial group through an isometric strength program. They were testing the effects of isometric training versus dynamic training. The results of the study showed that force increased by 45% higher in the isometric group than when participants used concentric only training. They also saw a 5% increase in cross-sectional area in the isometrics group. Cross-sectional area means the width of a body part. Pretty sweet, huh?

2. Building Strength:

There was a study performed by the Journal of Sports Science in 2013 that measured static tension isometrics and how they improved force of a muscle. The results showed that participants had a 13.8% increase in maximal voluntary force after 12 weeks of isometrics.

3. Burning Fat:

Isometrics are very thermodynamic. They release a lot of heat when doing them, especially when you do full body isometrics like in the Isometrics Strength program. Now, I am not under the belief that exercise alone will help you lose all the body fat you need. That is mostly done in the kitchen. However, isometrics are super intense and will significantly contribute to fat loss if done on a regular basis.

4. Work Isometrics While Injured:

This is one of the coolest benefits. There is a type of isometric exercise that is perfect for rehab and help you gain strength while injured. The type of isometric is called Static Tension. When doing this type of isometric you are not putting any pressure on the joint like how you do when you perform weight lifting or even more strenuous body weight exercises. There is no movement with isometrics but you still help the injured area receive extra blood flow and nutrients through the contraction/relaxation of the exercise.

5. Do Them Anywhere, Anytime:

Have you ever traveled and thought, “Argh, I can’t do my workout because I didn’t bring my weights!” With isometrics you can continue to build strength even when you are far away from home. They don’t require any equipment. When you know how to build strength with isometrics its like having a full gym with you no matter where you go!

6. Reap The Benefits With Shorter Training Periods:

We all live super busy lives. Sometimes it may seem like you are running from morning until night. Did you know that isometrics workouts don’t require a lot of time. With some workout styles you have to rest for 2-3 minutes in between each set. And if you have 3-4 sets or more to get through for each body part, that requires a lot of time. With isometric exercises you only “rest” when you are transitioning to the next posture so you get the benefit in a super short period of time.

7. Improve Your Breathing & Lung Capacity:

Breathing is something that many of us do wrong. We let the stress of life get to us and allow our bodies to breathe shallowly. When doing the Isometric Strength program you are allowing your breath to lead you the entire way. So you learn & practice how to breathe properly which transfers into your daily life.

8. Improve & Enhance Your Grip Strength:

This benefit goes along with number 2 above but deserves special attention here. When you are doing other types of exercises such as the push up or the bench press you are not really focusing on grip strength specifically. However, when you are doing a full body isometric workout, every posture helps you improve grip strength. Why is this important? Because we use our hands every single day from opening doors to opening pickle jars. Having a strong grip helps in very practical ways.

9. Improve Your Muscular Imbalances:

 One of the biggest problems with other forms of exercise is that stronger muscles allow you to compensate for weaker muscles creating muscular imbalance. Let’s take the push up for example. At first, you might be even as you go up and down but as you fatigue most people start to shift to one side or the other creating imbalance. In isometric exercising, this doesn’t happen because you are isolating each muscle as you tense it.

10. Building A Laser-Like Focus To Enhance Focus & Concentration:

Isometric exercises set themselves apart as an exercise system because they drastically improve focus and concentration. You can’t just mindlessly go through the workouts with the TV on or thinking about your day. You must focus on each muscle as you tighten it. This helps build concentration which we all need more of.

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Stay strong and be healthy.

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