Friday, February 14, 2014

Create Your Own Valentines

               Like the Beattles say “All you need is love.” It can have other meanings and not just a day for people who have a spouse. Love can mean what you do that brings you joy and happiness, it can also mean a favorite thing to do among anything else and it can also mean how you share it with other people in a variety of ways. If you’re a strongman and you have love for strength, go lift something heavy today, bend some steel, rip a few decks of cards, have fun with what you want to do. If you’re a movie fan, go to a favorite movie or watch your favorites at home and enjoy yourself. Like I said, love has other meanings.

            My personal view of Valentines Day is not one always shares because today is suppose to be a celebration of love, hearts, candies, flowers and other things with couples. My way of looking at it is, it isn't really necessary; you don’t need one little day to share love for your spouse or whatever because love comes and goes everyday but it’s how you keep a special love for something or someone in a state of mind. I like to treat it any other day but just a tad different. I like to treat it as a day where I give thanks for the love I have for others, even when certain circumstances come into play and I do things I love to do like train and share my love for fitness to each and every one of you because it is my passion and my heart runs deep with it.

            If you have a spouse and you spend this day together; make it count and be happy and share things together. Are you by yourself? No problem, go out and do something that makes you happy, perk up just a little bit and smile for no apparent reason. Forget the roses, candies, box of chocolates, balloons or whatever; love what you have and do and grab a hold of it a little extra hard and be happy with yourself. Let your heart run a little more than usual. You don’t always need one day to share love; it’s a state of mind.

            I believe in self-love. If you can’t love who you are, then you haven’t really lived. Some people look at self-love as being selfish and don’t care about anyone else; I believe that’s called Narcissism. Granted some people are downright loathing of others and only care about themselves but real self-love is where you appreciate and enjoy life with who you are from the inside and bring universal strength and love for yourself. You can always love others or hate others that’s your choice but there’s only one of you and that makes you unique and something special. This isn't bragging about loving yourself and talking down to people, it’s about being true to who you are and spreading that energy to others in a beautiful and productive way.

            Happy Valentine’s Day guys and share the love you have with your loved ones or just with yourself and have fun with what you love to do. Be strong, smile and be a loving person.
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