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Choosing Your Own Path

On our path to our very own individuality we are influenced by different people like family members, best friends, athletes, confidante, maybe your boss in a good or bad way either way somehow we are influenced by what is around us and what we watch, listen or that energy that just feels right. We learn from our influences who we become and what will be our destiny. Don’t try to be like your idol or anybody because they’re already taken, make a habit to learn from them to develop your own way to be who you truly want to be.
            The one thing nobody can ever teach is discovering things for yourself. In the Disney 90’s classic Hercules; Herc is becoming a rising star in the town of Thebes because of his heroic efforts to slay everything that crosses him, he’s got merchandise named after him but Zeus his father tells him that’s not the path or the secret to becoming a true hero. Herc must discover something within himself in order to a true individual and heroic figu…

Functional Fitness: Sometimes Lost In Translation

In 1998, the year of my 50th birthday, I decided to quit my comfortable but unfulfilling sales rep job and become a fitness professional. After getting certified (just means legal) I started working at a popular local fitness and tennis center as a trainer. It didn’t take long, about 6 months, before I knew their corporate centered business model was not what I envisioned for myself. So I left on good terms to open my own personal training business, Functional Fitness, in 1999. I thought my business name was so clever and unique at the time I birthed it. Soon however, everything I read was functional this and functional that, and I sensed a dilution of my “unique name.”
The concept of functional fitness still captures the essence of what I think fitness programs should be aiming for and that is the ability to perform our daily activities (ADL’s). Western culture seems to demand a “what’s new and exciting” approach to all things we consume, including fitness. For example, we have all …

You Are Awesome

We all have dealt with many things in our lives. Some have gone through far worse than any of us, some haven’t experienced certain emotional pain yet and with heart I hope no one does cause it sucks. However, the shit you have dealt with in your life can become your greatest blessing because it teaches you how to overcome and become a much stronger individual.
            Now a common question that comes up in a person’s life is What Makes You Unique? Every answer varies. Some people have great gifts and great skills, some are even blessed with certain abilities and either choose to use them productively or rarely use them at all. Being unique truly is a gift in itself because although you stand out from others, you’re the one who gets to decide how much of your uniqueness you want to use. You can even be an outlaw in some cases because you choose to not follow others rules and find your own creativity while giving your ability to become a great person work for you.