Wednesday, August 28, 2013

You Are Awesome

            We all have dealt with many things in our lives. Some have gone through far worse than any of us, some haven’t experienced certain emotional pain yet and with heart I hope no one does cause it sucks. However, the shit you have dealt with in your life can become your greatest blessing because it teaches you how to overcome and become a much stronger individual.

            Now a common question that comes up in a person’s life is What Makes You Unique? Every answer varies. Some people have great gifts and great skills, some are even blessed with certain abilities and either choose to use them productively or rarely use them at all. Being unique truly is a gift in itself because although you stand out from others, you’re the one who gets to decide how much of your uniqueness you want to use. You can even be an outlaw in some cases because you choose to not follow others rules and find your own creativity while giving your ability to become a great person work for you.

            The one thing I always want to emphasize is that no matter how old you are, black/white/brown/yellow/Asian, African, American, French whatever; embrace who you are as an individual because no matter who you are, there will always be a group of others who will tell you to be something else or better yet someone else, people who will tell you that you can’t express yourself and show who you are as the genuine article. It’s extremely difficult, pointless and really idiotic to try to be like someone else. That person is already taken, create who you want to be and never stop believing you’ll be able to achieve it. Influence others who want to be different, show them it’s ok to find your own secrets to becoming a great and unique human being.

            What really makes you awesome? It’s not always how strong you are physically, how manly/womanly you are, how you use your mental and spiritual abilities and even not always how shy you are in the beginning; it’s how you embrace yourself and represent who you truly are and the power you can have to make others notice, it’s that law of attraction that uses guidance. You are one kick ass person and don’t let anyone tell you different, make yourself fun to be around, be good to people, help them out every now and then. Be the genuine article and you’ll find what great things can happen in your life. 

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