Friday, September 14, 2012

Muscle Control For Arm Wrestling

You’re on the table, arm is locked and loaded for the match of your life, muscles contract and you’re ready for battle, ready, set and go.Muscle Control is one of the best forms of conditioning your body to contract and relax whenever you want. You can use Muscle Control for just about anything, even lifting an imaginary weight. In an arm wrestling match, it’s not just how strong you are or if you have the biggest arms on the planet, it’s the ability to contract the muscles needed and the strength of your tendons to keep your opponent at bay. Imagine yourself in a match and you’re teaching your body to use the specific muscles needed and eventually it becomes a full body contraction.

 The key thing to understand about Muscle Control is using the Mind/Muscle Connection that incorporates your ability to think into the muscles you want to use for whatever you want to do, in this case learning to Arm Wrestle. Now it’s important to do some Arm Wrestling training while working on Muscle Control but for now I want to teach you how to think so you can train smarter, not harder. Practicing various tension levels gives your body an opportunity to learn how to contract, the harder you contract, the less reps needed to move, the lighter, you can move more.

 Another key ingredient to using Muscle Control is another version called Isometrics. This gives your body something to learn on how to contract from different positions. In Arm Wrestling, you need to pull down from different spots in order to increase strength for that position. Pulling power is the thing that separates the men from the boys in an arm wrestling match and you have to be able to use your body from all sorts of directions. Whether for 6 seconds or for 3 minutes an isometric contraction brings in that powerful energy that keeps you strong and tight.

 Contracting on commend can be one of your biggest assets because if you’re in a match and you’ve used up enough power to where he’s about to go down, you bring in that extra source of power that just blasts his arm into the table. Practice this when you train, whether with cables or weights or even just on Muscle Control alone, learn to use your mind to find the right timing to contract and relax when needed to. Don’t always waste energy contracting so hard that you’ll pull a muscle or rip your arms out of your socket; Muscle Control takes practice and listen to your body.  You are strong both inside and outside and with practice, you can get stronger, learn to focus and imagine how strong you want to get, you’d be surprised what will come out of it.

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