Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Help Each Other, Don’t Bully Each Other

In life there are many things that we cannot stop from happening and one of them is bullies. There have been organizations around the country including one my friend Bud Jeffries is apart of. Behind one good there’s always a bad guy and bullies just happen to be there. In the fitness world it’s no different, sometimes it’s worse and sometimes it’s just a pain in the ass. Being a bully doesn’t get you anywhere.

 I have been through it just like every other kid as a teenager and even before that and trust me when I say this; I have had certain issues about it that I can’t mention here. Some punk who thinks the world revolves around him makes up his own rules and doesn’t give a damn about the people he hurts. I’ve seen guys in the gym give a few kids a hard time because they can’t lift or pick up the same amount of weight they can. Stealing a kid’s bike or beating them because they can’t defend themselves doesn’t make you a real person, just makes you look like a punk with no morals. Overcoming your experiences with bullies isn’t the easiest thing around but with the right encouragement and support, you can a great person overcoming a traumatic experience(s).

 Ever heard of the story of Charles Atlas, some dumbass comes up and he’s all chiseled and macho as it can get, kicks sand in this kid’s face and walks off with his girl. That’s one way to look at a bully. The kid vowed to make it right and went home and began an exercise program and within a few short months went from a scrawny teen to a bonified muscle man and came back to the beach and just knocked the living hell out of his tormenter. Now I’m not saying violence is the answer because it isn’t but you can turn yourself into something beyond which you use to be. The key thing is to not change who you are as a person but to bring up the volume of whom you are, once shy but now a confident individual.

 We all have had a bully in our time whether we want to admit it or not and we all need to have that little support to teach us how to be there for others even when we hit rock bottom. Doing some training no matter what it is can build your character and your life the way it was meant to. Some people like to train so they’ll look better and look down at others and tell them they can’t do it or it’s not worth their time helping them, I’m sorry but that’s one definition of an asshole. Helping each other get past bad experiences means showing love and support and helping them cope in their own special way. For me it was becoming stronger both physically and mentally, I hit the gym and I became bigger than I ever thought but than I learned from a special group of people that taught me how to help others and give them a reason to become something more than themselves. If it takes one person, you have done right, take a group to help, you’re golden, take a community and you are reaching the mountain top.

 Bullies are really no better than we are, in my opinion, there’s no such thing as a random bully, every single one has a tragic story behind them and sometimes you can’t help them and other times it takes more than one person to straighten them out. For those guys and girls that pick on or giving that other person shit, think about what you’re doing, do you really know what they’re going through to give them that much hurt? Don’t be that person, you’re meant for more than that and that don’t mean you’re the king or queen, it means you’re meant for certain things that can make you the person beyond who you think you are. Hurting someone never has a good outcome and it doesn’t take too many words to trigger a certain amount of emotional pain let alone physical pain. Look inside yourself and find out the real reason you’re tormenting someone.

 Role models are a sketchy topic; we have role models in sports, entertainment and in our community but do we really understand the term Role Model? A Role Model is a person you look up to and want to establish yourself as because they give you hope and a reason to do the thing you love to do. In my opinion, there are very few role models out there that are as important to that person than who they really are. I have had role models my whole life starting with the sports I use to watch, I wanted to be like Michael Jordan or a Barry Sanders and even wanted to be like Dr. Dre believe it or not because I was going through a Rap phase at the time. As I got older, I started understanding who my true role models are and they are the very same people I mention in article after article after article, these are the men and woman I want to mold myself after and build myself in a way that is similar to what they preach.

 Being helpful goes a long way and it’s important to establish that presence of strength and being there for the people that matter most. The first to remember though is in order to help others you must establish by helping yourself and learn from people that support and love you for whom you are not what they want you to be; who you want to be is up to you. Once you have conquered this, than you take your first steps by helping those who need that support and love, that doesn’t mean spend your whole life trying to save everyone but help out every once in a while, build a foundation. Find your way to help someone and teach them strengths you have created and teach them to build their own. That’s a real person, not some punk who wants to make everything his, it’s not ethical and it’s not right.


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Matti said...

Damn right man! you said it my friend! I, personally CAN'T stand those stupid fucktarted and lowlife scumbag bullies at all! As a matter of fact, I've been bullied one time in my life for a couple of years when I was a Teenager... Unfortunately this was WAY Before I ever got into the Phnenomenal and Awesome Realm/World of Training and Physical Culture. But nontheless man, I ALREADY got REVENGE On 11 out of those 23 idiots that bullied me when I was only 13-16 years old!

So damn right man! FUCK those Bullies and IMO, I'll say: Let them have it, A shitload of Broken Legs, Broken Arms, Broken Necks and Basically a BROKEN Body! I'll BREAK ANY Bully's Body with GREAT Pleasure! Damn rigth I said it, and I STAND firmly and Complete behind my word and belief on that!

Long story short: Bullies can go fuck themselves and I'll be glad to Make them ALL cripple in the future! But then again, IF I ever embark on that longass journey to Make every stupid Bully in the whole damn world a cripple, and all by myself at that... then it would take me a whole lifetime, and then I won't even have taken care of 10% of them...

The SAD Truth of the matter is that there are just TOO MUCH Bullies out there! Lowlife Scumbag motherfucking pieces of mega doodoo! And what's even WORSE and MORE Digusting is that they're everywhere, NOT only in Physical Culture, but in ALL walks of life... Once again, it's a damn shame if you ask me! 'Nuff said, I rest my case!

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