Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Top Notch Method For HGH

Quick fixes are the biggest trend in fitness today. They want results fast, easy and with little effort as possible so for fitness trainees and celebrities alike for a movie they inject themselves with pills, steroids and needles to get that look that they always dreamed of. Not saying all do this but a good sum of them does and they’re more likely killing themselves than getting healthier.

 Artificial enhancements are quite dangerous and I’ve seen what it’s done to people and very few ever stay healthy with the right cycles but that’s another thing all together. Generating natural levels of Hormones is actually a lot simpler than you would think. Sure as we get older our hormone levels begin to drop as much as 5% by age 30 possibly younger and that shouldn’t be happening. To get the best out of saving money on supplements, pills, injections and those “creams” that some athletes use, work on specific type training. Moving at a clip where it takes a short amount of time to start breathing really hard is a sign that you’re building high levels of hormones which growth is a factor.

 Sprint Training done up to maximum 3x a week is a sure way to get your hormones firing like crazy. Hill Sprints are even better but if you don’t have a hill near by then find a long track or a big stretch of land. Now if you wish to not do sprints there is another option and that’s moving like a Wild Animal. Animal Training gets every muscle group in your body going right off the bat and the more muscles being used the more chances of fat being burnt, muscles are building and your growth hormone will skyrocket faster than a speeding jet. Think of it this way, imitating a wild animal isn’t just building great hormone levels but it also helps you stay young and fit plus its fun to do.

 The greatest athletes are of the Wild Animal Kingdom. They’re strength; power and agility are the most inspired forms of our world. Think of a silverback gorilla doing a one finger pull-up out of the crack of its enclosure or a lynx trending many miles with its incredible endurance and let’s not forget one of the largest cats in the jungle and that’s the Tiger, it’s tendons are insanely strong and can drag its prey weighing well over 500 lbs. Who wouldn’t want that kind of strength? Functional Movement is keen to our development and makes the body function far better than isolating the muscles which can cause injury and destroy joints. Moving like a Animal is the type of fitness that cannot be duplicated by any other method.

 The great benefit of doing this form of conditioning is that it’s more like playing than working out, you are free to move however you want and you get to build muscle without straining yourself so much. The key ingredient is not just physical but mental as well. When you stop using the word “workout” and use “play” your mindset changes completely and believe it or not when you play around with these movements, your results will come faster than expected and you’re having fun in the process. It’s never too late to feel young again and progress at your own pace and play your way up to a challenging animal. Have fun and make it a habit of playing instead of working when it comes to exercise, it’s a whole different feeling.
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