Monday, May 14, 2012

Gorillas & The Avengers

Never thought you’d read those two things in the same title huh? For the most part, the movie is F-ing awesome. It’s the top grossing film of the year by far and I’m glad to share in the fun. Seen it three times so far and it never gets old. Seeing four of the coolest superheroes is a joy to be hold.

 Ever since seeing it and writing my Can You Become Your Own Avenger series (which you can find on this very blog), I’ve gone Avenger crazy, buying shirts, video games and even the comic books which I’ve never really done in my entire life. If anything brought me into the world of comic books it was the Avengers. You might say I’m overly obsessed with the Marvel Comic but truth to tell, I’m not just a fan and reading & writing stories but I’m also looking for the next best thing in revolutionizing fitness with methods that can go hand and hand with superheroes like peanut butter and jelly.

 I was at a bookstore the other day and wanted to pick up a couple comic books of the Avengers and out of the plethora of graphic novels and short stories I picked up what looked like to me the most bad ass Avenger comic and that’s Marvel Apes. Now it’s not everyday that you find cool superheroes but they put a spin on them using your all-time favorite animal in the jungle as the Ape-vengers. I’d say that’s a double whammy in my book.

 Now I realize this comic is a bit of a spoof with a little gore and graphic violence but really it’s just another great concept that people can relate to. Apes are our original ancestors whether we realize it or not and to be awe of their strength and agility would be an understatement. Training like an Ape should be a natural thing to do but because of civilized laws and the way to be proper and better yet the way you exercise is very “controlled.” Developing Ape-like strength and fitness is essential to staying fit and young. Having fun at a playground or going to the park an moving like a wild animal is a kick ass way to keep yourself healthy both physically and mentally.

 Studying Apes and Monkeys is an ongoing research and sometimes they take that research a little too far and I won’t go into detail because you’ll just want to beat the hell of the people who do push the boundaries of right and wrong. In my opinion, these primates are extremely intelligent and in some cases they’re far smarter than we want to believe. When you see a silverback gorilla, some will think it’s violent and that’s just not true. It’s only violent if it’s provoked and to protect his family and followers. I would never want to mess with a primate, they’re strength and agility is just off the charts and freakishly powerful.

 Moving like an Ape teaches the body how to move in awkward positions and strengthen the tendons and ligaments in ways that can’t be duplicated. Whenever someone says “Get Gorilla Strong” most likely they’re referring to extreme heavy weight lifting which isn’t a bad thing if you’re into that but “True Gorilla Strong” means you move, walk, run, climb and swing like a gorilla or other primate.

 Back to the Ape-vengers, reading these stories is like reading about superheroes from the Planet Of The Apes, it’s the same characters but more well let’s face it, Ape-Like and in some ways I prefer that than the human Avengers. Imagine for a moment that if the Avengers were already tough and physically intimidating, than you add in having the strength of an Ape, whoever stands against them would be the dumbest villain ever.

 What would it feel like to see Captain America swing on the vines with ease, what would it look like to see a version of Spider-Man moving like a gibbon, how about Ironman looking like a Mandrill and not only having great brains but will beat your ass to a pulp in a fight and what if you had Ape-Like Wolverine or a Gorilla version of Thing from the Fantastic Four? I’m sorry but unless technology is used, the chances of any villain winning a fight are going from slim to none. Find your own inner Ape and take your strength to levels that will stand the test of time in your life.