Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Legendary Strength & What’s In Stored For You

How many websites can say their motto is someone becoming strong and healthy in the best ways possible? Well, many but not many can lay claim that their stuff actually works and that individual keeps coming backing for more and wants something new to try or be coached by the owner and have that person share their darkest and secure training secrets to help those in need succeed at a level that goes beyond the imagination. The real motto is to not only reveal the secrets to Becoming Superhuman but have that person hit PR's, Lift heavier, run like the wind and all do it with the proper ways to get them there.

At Legendary Strength it is important that each person knows and understands that the old-time tested methods of the strongmen of yesteryear worked and worked with perfection. Imagine for a moment that back then there were no trainers, no live instructors, no yoga classes, no pilates studio and no seminars that teach the latest and recent updates for strength training. These men and women of the time had to learn from a course here and there and actually put in hard work and blood and sweat and tears to get what they wanted. They didn't have lat pull down machines or itty-bitty pink dumbbells, they had Olympic bars and plates, they had kettle bells, gymnastic rings, Indian clubs, chest expanders and just pure old fashioned dumbbells that the gym rat today would look at and say "what the hell is that?"

The site also has some "new" courses out as of this moment that teaches you the ways of how Aurthur Saxon trained on his legendary unbreakable feat of the Bent Press & The Two Hands Anyhow. It will give you the true secrets that took many years to find and had been tested by those who practiced it which is not many. This is one of the most forgotten lifts in the Iron Game but it is now available for the first time in this type of fashion. You won't find isolated movements that go with this feat. This feat took every inch of the body to a level that is unheard of today in the fitness world. It is without question one of the most impressive lifts of all-time and now you have a chance to learn its value and heart & soul with the one man who made it look easy but never will be.

A coach who understands the values and methods of what you want to achieve can either make you or break you as an athlete. Yet a real coach will be there to not only answer questions but give you time honored lessons on how you can achieve a level of strength that brings the mind, body & spirit together. That's what Logan Christopher has done and will do for you along the way to your destiny as a strength athlete or whatever you want to be. I've been coached by him a bit personally and I can tell you for damn sure he's one of the best I've ever worked with. He was the first guy to see me fall back into a bridge and kick over & back. He only gave me one small tip and I made it over without doing any of the progressions for that feat. He is the best at what he does and he is very wise beyond his years and I can tell there's no stopping him.

One of the dying arts of the old-time strongmen is Muscle Control. It is a training method that has the muscles move individually with a series of flexing and relaxing. One of the most famous men of this art was Otto Arco who by far was the very best at this and moved muscles you wouldn't believe that can move. Because of this practice it helped him achieve a level of strength unlike any other and not was it in weight lifting but gymnastics and wrestling as well. How would you like to learn the very same methods and take your strength to levels that originally were unimaginable? You would want that don't you? I have practiced a few forms of muscle control and its helped me press 88lb. kettlebells without much trouble and helps my handstands, stretching and strength training. What can it do for you is up to you. Find what you want and learn this art for what it is.

Come and see what all the fuss is about and find the true methods of strength training and learn to take your training beyond the mountain and the sea and run right past those that have blocked you from reaching your goals and your destiny to be super strong and superhuman.

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