Friday, August 19, 2011

The Power Of A Primate

The thought of training like a Ape or Monkey might seem a bit silly and downright dumb but if you leave skepticism aside for a moment, you can actually develop superior grip and tendon strength. I believe it is important to train like a primate in the sense where they're closest to us in evolution and although structurally different we can still build great strength around what they do in their daily lives.

First thing to do when training like a Primate is to observe their movements and how they walk. An Ape walks on its knuckles and can climb trees with ease. Now instead of climbing trees just start with hanging and with practice slowly start doing pull-ups. Walking like a gorilla build strength and power in the upper and lower body and when you run like a gorilla you will be getting a strength & endurance workout second to none.

When you learn to hang like a primate you're not just stretching out the limbs and just dangling there, you're building a foundation for a powerful tight grip. You are building powerful tendons and ligiments that can be used for important things in your daily life.

Once you begin training like a Primate you're on your way to becoming stronger then the average human not just through a strength ratio but with the body you develop you will look strong as well as being strong.

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