Thursday, August 18, 2011

Harnessing Your Chi Power

Chi meaning Life Force is a form of energy that surrounds us everywhere from a rock, a tree, the ground, even the air we breathe there is some form of great energy. In order to develop it with power it all starts with the breath. Our breath gives us life and can give us the ultimate power within our very being. Now not all types of breathing gives us a positive outlook. Shallow breathing has great negative effect on the body and is one that should not be dwelled on. Deep and natural breathing however can take away the awful stress and anxiety that happens upon us on a daily basis.

The breath is the first thing to learn to create powerful chi but afterwards comes the mind and intent. Being mindful of your breathing is a difficult task but with practice and the will to get better creating power will become a cinch. Thinking into your body can make or break the chi within you. Breathing in positive energy and breathing out negative energy is one of many basic exercises to understand the power of Chi.

Once you get the hang of breathing and being mindful of creating powerful Chi, holding certain postures can enhance your ability to not only develop powerful Chi but create a beautiful body inside and out. Yoga is a perfect example for this. Warrior One is a favorite of mine and do a variation called the Dragon Pose. When you hold this posture think into the body and channel electrical energy every single part of the body. After holding this pose for a period of time with mind and intent you should start to feel tingly in some areas most notably the hands and legs. Another great posture is holding a horse stance. This posture is where you have the legs a little wider then shoulder width apart, squat about a quarter to half way parallel to the floor, pelvis tucked and have the arms either out to the side or in front of you. Holding this posture isn't easy but with mindfulness can create powerful Chi in the body.

To enhance your strength and internal power, you will learn to think into your body and not always focus on the outside. Thinking internally is far different then thinking externally. Internal Power creates a whole new dimension of Chi and with practice and conviction you can hold certain postures for long periods of time and never even notice it. In one posture I use I use a breathing pattern that makes me countdown instead of counting up. Because of this practice recently I have held this posture for more then 3 minutes and it felt like 10 seconds. Learn to control your breath and think power and universal strength.

If you want to look at great ideals of Powerful Chi Strength my favorites to look upon is the Jedi & The Shaolin Monks. Although one is fictional both share the same goal and thats to harness the life force that makes them powerful and strong. Does that mean you'll move objects and use mind control over someone? Hell no but you can create superior strength that you can't teach with lifting weights or using a cardio machine. You can create heat in your body and yet you can also make it cool with the thought and intent while using your breathing.

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