Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Review Of The Legacy Of Iron Series

Iron Game Author Brooks Kubik has been writing great stuff over the last 15+ years about how to build and develop natural muscle, strength and power. He has written countless articles about the greats of the past and how their methods excel over many of the top training ideas of today. For the most part since Bob Hoffman in my opinion he is the leading authority on muscle building books and teaching others how to use the basics for weight lifting, odd object lifting and fool-proof training programs that have made weak boys into bonified muscle men with no steroids or useless supplements.

Over the last few years he has written a series of novels that has never been done before. Publishing the stories of the old-time bodybuilders and strongmen of the 30's and 40's and creating certain characters that follow the programs and shenanigans of the weightlifters themselves as if it was happening in real life. This series is called The Legacy Of Iron which is now in its fifth volume and who knows what Brooks has been coming with on his new ones. To me everytime I read these books I feel like i'm right in the middle of the men and women of strength that i've read about ever since I began doing Physical Culture.

The books start right in the thick of one subject right after the other and just when you think one guy is about to get outlifted or is apart of the second world war something else just jumps right at you when you turn the page. These books have great rivalries, fighting, courage, conflicts, determination and plenty of beautiful girls to make Harry Paschall go nuts. Never has a series been this taught to the public and have 2 fictional characters learn from the same men and women who have helped millions of strength-infected young men and women to become strong, vibrant and powerful just like their heroes in the real fitness magazines of the time.

I don't want to give away any of the stories in the books but they do make you think of who these guys were whether their stories are fictional or not they will captivate your attention and have you believe as if you were sitting right next to them as if they became your best friends. Learn what true brotherhood means to the people in these books. Yes they did push each other and had a few rivalries but it was all for the same cause and thats to help the other get stronger and give him a chance to prove his metel.

I'm very honored to apart of the Physical Culture movement and I get to sit with the old-timers whenever I pick up one of these books and listen in my mind what they're gonna do next and teach me the true ways of being strong and not always whether its weight lifting or not, its the motivation that gets me everytime. Brooks has made it possible for me and many others to love Physical Culture the way it was meant to be and thats a source of being with your brothers and learning the true value of strength and pure feirce determination to prove to yourself and not others of what you can truely become if you just start putting in a little effort and progress.

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