Friday, August 26, 2011

Being A Strongman & Pushing Past Limits

As human beings we have the ability to learn what we can or can't do. Most often people find out what they can't do in certain ways because that part of our brains tell us how far we go and whether or not to to get past certain points of pain and discomfort. The Govenor that resides within everyone has been our Jimmeny Cricket to whether we push past certain limits of whats right or wrong of us to do. In terms of strength and Strongmanism, there are literally thousands of strongmen around the world that do some crazy things but yet thats less then 1% out of billions of people that don't know how to get past their limits because that Govenor is telling them they can end up getting hurt.

Now i'm not saying you should be like superman and defy the odds of gravity or go lift up a car or anything that would jeapordize your life but if you want to do something bad enough there are certain things you need to get through in order to make that thing come to life. For the fewer strongmen that are out there they have broken barriers as to how far they're willing to go in order to achieve what they believe is possible. Some of have broken their wrists, some have shed blood and even some that have passed out doing certain feats of strength.

For some readers that do know I have literally pushed my body to links of pain from doing certain feats. I'm serious as I tell you this now I have had black and blue arms and legs from bending long and very tough pieces of steel that most people would've thrown in the towel after 30 seconds. I even had a bloody nose while bending a very tough spike at one time. These are a couple of the things we strongmen endure in order to create some of the most insane strength possible. It takes much more then physical strength to endure certain pain and discomfort. You are really playing mind games with yourself.

There are feats I would never attempt to do from other strongmen not because of getting hurt but because I just don't persue them as much as they do. Take for instance Slim The Hammerman. He's the proud owner of holding the title of World's Strongest Man at Levering sledgehammers. He became so obsessed of lifting the heaviest hammers that he had broken his wrists many times achieving a level of status thats above almost everyone else. I've already broken bones in my lifetime and I really don't want that to happen again. I'm not as crazy as these other guys but I have the highest respect for them and the way they push themselves is just surreal.

A true strongman doesn't show off for his own personal gain or torments anyone cause they're not as strong as they are but a real strongman believes in himself and wants to help others achieve their levels of strength beyond their own assumptions and imagination. A true strongman pushes past the barriers to become extraordinary not to please others but to prove to himself that he can and will be the strongest he can be. Can you believe in yourself? Do you have it in you? The real question is, can you bring it out and devour your own expectations? Think about that for a bit.
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