Saturday, June 18, 2011

Psychotic Strength Turns Into Monstrous Gains

When most people put together a strength & endurance program they end up failing and why? Because nobody really teaches them the right way to bring up their levels of conditioning they could never imagined. It’s not right to feel limited to what can have unlimited potential and create a sufficient system that can give you strength & endurance at the same time. Ok did I just say that right at the same time?

When it comes down to it most people believe that Strength & Endurance can’t be done at the same time. Well then try telling that to strongman Bud Jeffries. Believe it or not this man as a super-heavyweight now at 270 can go to levels that most guys can’t even comprehend he is just bad to the bone strong and durable. Also he’s not the only one if you’ve been playing the home game here. In the eras of the 20’s, 30’s & 40’s you will find strongmen who were not just strong but had incredible stamina, speed and energy that almost nobody in the commercial gyms can do today. Call me old fashion but I much rather rely on these guys then some dude who plays around with a machine and calls himself strong.

Lets just say for safe keeping if you want to become a super athlete you will need to work on a variety of different things but that’s not the same thing as isolating no it means you find exercises that are compound movements (working multiple muscle groups for those who are keeping up) and building foundations for what you can achieve. Why not bring all of them into play and create the ultimate workout. Take a long & hard look at Twisted Conditioning 1 and its Sequel Twisted Conditioning 2. These two courses alone can help you achieve a level of strength that would make an old-timer proud. Becoming superhuman is what we all strive to be. For us guys we want to be strong and keep our loved ones safe and protect them from harm. We also want to be the strongest and most effective athlete we can be and being a bit rugged wouldn’t be too bad either because lets face it, functional muscle can take you farther then as a bodybuilder whose best achievement is standing on stage looking pretty. For the women they want to be able to defend themselves against attackers and have that lean and mean body that not only looks awesome but at the same time can take on a guy. For you ladies unless you’re on steroids you will not get big huge muscles like us guys so stop being afraid of putting on too muscle cause it won’t happen.

Taking a chance to become strong has been the vocal point for men and women as long as civilization and even the caveman era. Being strong doesn’t always mean big muscles but it means having self confidence and being functionally fit to do whatever you please. Being strong has its benefits and when you have just as much stamina as you do have strength, its even sweeter then cherry pie. Take a look at what you will find in these 2 bad boys have to offer…..

Learn the Three Levels Of Conditioning. Not doing one level will ruin your chance at success

Train With Kettlebells

Tips For Gaining or Losing weight

Getting strong with Odd Objects

Building Strength Without Losing Endurance

Finding ways to Bend Steel

Getting good at different movements without being complicated

Building Your Maximum in Strongman Training

Learn the best bodyweight exercise for functional fitness Including Push-ups, Squats, Sit-ups & Bridging for optimal health an strength

Learn how to train with Water.

& Many More……

Just looking at what you will find should give you an idea that not only will you learn from the best but how to keep things fresh and new for every training session you do and I don’t want to imagine the level of strength you will achieve because whatever I come up with you have more of it. This is powerful, powerful stuff my friend and only Bud can deliver this kind of training system to you. Take a chance and create yourself the ultimate athlete with no strings attached, no catches, just plain hard work and the will to successful.

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