Friday, June 17, 2011

Lifting Odd Objects For Optimal Strength & Power

When you add Odd Object  lifting into your routine you will find that it can accelerate your strength to levels that are just surreal man. I have played around with odd objects myself (like my very wide and long 100 lb. barrel) and from the looks of things they’re not easy to do in the same sense as barbells and dumbbells. I normally don’t do BB’s & DB’s anymore but if you gave a keg or log to try I’d be right on it brother.

The real secret for this particular type of training is that unlike straight handle equipment Odd Objects reflect on needing to move at different angles in one shot. There’s no way in hell you can lift a rock the same way you lift a barbell it’s just the way it is. Now would a thick bar be considered an odd object? That’s tough to say but in my opinion in a twisted way yes I feel it is and for good reason….Its thick and your grip is going to be different and it takes your tendon strength to a whole different dimension. With Odd Objects you won’t find a boring workout because it teaches you to lift differently and grip from odd angles.

In Bud Jeffries' Odd Object Lifting Series you will find a variety of ways to take your strength to a level that could make a strongman competitor proud. It offers different ways to handle the objects themselves such as….




& Barrels

All of these are in a series of DVDs that will show you first hand how you can learn to lift properly, be safe and also offers you the opportunity to handle things you thought you can never do. Bud is a true expert on Odd Objects and for good reason….He is just flat out STRONG!!!! The things he manhandles are just a piece of what you will find in the video on the site. Take a peak of what you can become if you incorporate Odd Objects. Learn the secrets of the Old-time Strongmen such as Louis Cyr, George Jowett, Thomas Inch, Arthur Saxon & many more. If you’re a fanatic on strength this series is for you. If you want to gain strength to advance your way through competition this series is for you. If you want to take your grip to a whole new level, well my friend you know what to do.

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Sol Black said...

Excellent. I'm a fan of odd objects, myself. There is just something satisfying about hefting a large stone, or a freight box, or even a makes you feel stronger, and more capable. I would add in bodies and sacks. There are many buddy drills from the military that involve hefting your team mates, and tossing bags filled with heavy, loose matter is fantastic too. Back when I was training for MMA, we kept a couple of heavy bags around for the express purpose of lifting and throwing. Fantastic stuff.