Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Power Of The Animals Part Three

Now we all have seen in the gym or doing our training at home that we have to have set/rep schemes. We do this for cardio, this for strength and this for flexibility. For the record I’m not dissing this notion because its organized, done for specific reasons and its got you covered for what needs to be done. What I’ am saying however is that at times this can also take the fun out of exercise and you don’t enjoy it as much.

How about you open your mind up and try something a little different. Forget sets and reps and just go out and have fun. Seriously have fun. That’s one of the keys to fitness success is that you look forward to your workouts and also you want to enjoy them. That’s how I feel about Animalized Training. It takes away the complicated timing of writing down or setting up a workout when you can just take it for what it is and have a ball.

Animal Fitness can make you feel better about yourself because you get to act like a little kid at the playground. It’s not a secret that Animals are far more conditioned then us and there’s no way in hell we can top what they possess. So why not imitate them and get much stronger then the guy who sits on his ass eating chips and watching hours of TV everyday. For real a animal workout doesn’t need to be more then 20 minutes long period. The exercises are compound movements which mean it works multiple muscle groups which you need to burn fat and gain functional muscle. What they also do is generate HGH a.k.a Human Growth Hormone which helps you stay young, burn fat, build muscle and gives you energy beyond belief.

I practice Animal Exercises quite often because of the fun in how I can train without needing a strict workout and needing only a few minutes a day is just great and I feel like a million bucks. So why not you? I know it tends to look stupid at times because there are exercises that can make you look silly but who can really care?

Lets face it, kids today are becoming overweight because of bad eating habits and they never get fully into doing exercise and it’s a damn shame. There are even some schools in this country that are taking away P.E because kids aren’t just into it and its really sad. Hell not everyone likes to exercise, shit I train 7 days a week and have been for over 6 years and I sometimes feel its crazy and a waste of time on some levels but I do it anyway because I always end up getting something out of it.

So come on people. Wouldn’t it be fun just for a few minutes a day to be like a kid again and build up your energy to do the things that can make your life a little easier? God damn I want to feel that way all the time. If you also worked out as a family, it can lead to better happiness in your relationships as a family and work together and bond, it will go a long way to not only be better for yourselves but for the kids as well. Remember the game tag as a young boy/girl? Well how about you and your son/daughter pick your favorite animal and as that animal you play tag. You might want to compromise being the same animal cause I don’t think a bear can outrun a lion or tiger LOL……

Take up Animal Kingdom Conditioning & Wild Animal Fitness For Kids and if you’re a real stud check out my man Eddie Baran’s new course Animal Kingdom Conditioning II: Call Of The Wild. Get off the couch and start moving yourself into a wild beast in the jungle.

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