Thursday, June 2, 2011

Electrical Energy In CoreForce Energy Training

Like a car to an engine your mind and body are the same thing. One will not work without the other and vise versa. Creating energy is not easy but there are simple solutions to it. Your body has a ton of strength & power within but if your mind isn’t up to the task you won’t last very long. Same with the mind, you have tons and tons of electrical cords that keep the brain intact but if the body doesn’t respond then how the hell are you going to get around let alone be strong and enduring.

To get a better analogy, look at Star Wars, specifically the Jedi. They use the Force to generate their power and how it intertwines with everything around them. It’s the same thing with CoreForce Energy; you learn to intertwine your mind/body together to create the ultimate power within you as it is. Now I’m not saying you’ll move objects without touching them or mindfully control somebody but what you will learn is how you integrate that power that you can harness whenever you want.

The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second. That’s pretty damn fast. Will you be able to go that fast? Hell no, its not possible no matter how hard you try but with imagination and the will to integrate with your body you can become much faster then you have normally known. Look at the cheetah, its literally the fastest animal on the planet that reach up to speeds as fast 67 miles per hour in one swoop. How the hell can a cat/animal be that fast other then any other animal? Mostly for survival but it also brings forth how it needs to be fast to catch its prey. Think about it for a second, taking the power of your imagination and using it to amp your muscles to create huge amounts of strength and thinking like a cheetah and burst out like a wild cat.

Like the force, energy is all around us and how we harness it can help you bring in strength you never knew yet you had all along. When you fuse the power of your mind and body you can become a more powerful being. I have witnessed it in myself, my friends and my mentor. My friend Garin Bader can help you achieve the power within you to come out of the darkness and shed some light into a greater being inside you. Build up to it and you will find power that you will have and harness whenever you wish to use it. Its not difficult but you will need to put a little work into it like anything else.

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