Thursday, June 2, 2011

Helping Bring Back Catch Wrestling

My wrestling studying started when I saw Wrestlemania XII in March of 1996. I was 11 years old a few months shy of being 12 and I was captivated by the main event and that was the WWE Championship Match between HBK Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart. This was an Iron Man match which lasted an hour long and in this particular type match whoever scored the most pins/submissions wins the match. These 2 guys went at it and I didn’t know it at the time until I learned later on that at the beginning of the match they started doing what’s called in the business Chain Wrestling which was a sequence a moves that was fast-paced and timed correctly. After that match I was hooked into wrestling and went to events at the time was The San Jose Arena (Now HP Pavilion) and the San Francisco Cow Palace which also was a big time wrestling venue for many years since the 60’s I think. I even met and had my picture taken with WWE Superstar the dead man himself The Undertaker.

Once I got into the circus-like atmosphere of the business I wanted to learn more about it so I recorded a show on A&E one night that had the topic of wrestling called The Unreal Story Of Professional Wrestling. In this film it gave insights into the roots of professional wrestling beginning with the cavemen, Egyptians, Japanese and the best of them all Catch Wrestling that was apart of the Civil War and how guys in the ACT shows (Athletic Shows) and carnivals would take on all-comers.  It talked about guys like Frank Gotch, George Hackenshmidt, Otto Arco & Farmer Burns. Those were the guys that seemed the most cool looking to me and they weren’t bodybuilding type dudes they were far smaller but a lot more into wrestling the way it was as oppose to today.

As far as I was concerned Wrestling was the most brutal sport and the most scientific sport there is and that was at the time my introduction to physical culture and that’s when I became a fan of history and culture. This is where I tell you that if you haven’t figured it out was that if you’re a true fan of something and make a positive way for you to be enthralled by it that’s when you’re the ultimate fan. You learn it you practice, you study and you want to make a positive impact on it. Now I know what you’re thinking “Well what about those obsessed fans that have pictures and have a shrine to pro wrestlers?” Those types of fans are just plain psychotic and in desperate need of help.

When you really get into the sport of wrestling its not just how you study it, its how you talk to people who were wrestlers, what’s their training like, where did they train, who trained and who do they know to be experts. I have talked to guys who have a vast knowledge in catch wrestling and have studied and learned from the very best in the world. If you’re a true fan you would learn what techniques are used, how you condition and what you can find to help it be more applicable to other martial arts systems.

I have studied wrestling for little over 15 years and have gotten on the mat a time or 2 and have made it a quest to be in the best condition I can possibly be. A true fan goes old school, he doesn’t find the latest gadgetry or learns from guys who don’t know a god damn thing about wrestling. I have learned so much yet I still have a long way to go. You don’t stop after hitting a plateau you keep driving and finding the best sources. Wrestling is my fav. Sport period. Its fascinating to me I want to spread the word about it. Take it from me if you want to be a true fan to the sport of wrestling you’ll find the best sources about it and you can have that opportunity here…….Scientific Wrestling

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