Thursday, June 2, 2011

Animalize Your Body

Most training programs have set and rep schemes where you’re set up on a fixed type workout and a lot of people get discouraged sometimes because they don’t make it through them which would really suck. Forget the set and rep schemes for a while and have fun when you exercise because that’s what it’s supposed to be right? You have fun, you enjoy yourself and in the end you feel good.

When it comes to human training it can be boring at times, doing certain exercises in one position and needing to do rep after rep after rep and for some people they will get bored after a while. Why not learn how to be a kid again and go the park and have fun moving around and not worry about what to do next. That’s the beauty of Animal Exercises.

As you learn to move like an animal visualize yourself as that animal. Feel the fury of being in the jungle and have the burning desire to be one powerful looking beast. You’re working out and if you learn to imagine yourself as that animal believe it or not your results will become much quicker and faster.

So for the most part its safe to say that animal exercises can be the most fun training systems around and learning to be a wild beast can have a big impact on your life outside of fitness. You’ll be more confident, vibrant, alive and have an animalized body that have people turning their heads. Go check out my man Ed Baran’s Animal Courses and you’ll learn first hand how to become the king/queen of your jungle.

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