Sunday, December 21, 2008


The building of a strong neck, flexible spine and overall body conditioning has never looked more feared yet beautiful at the same time. It is without question the key to an agile body. There are many exercises in the realm of the bridge and all have many great benefits but like all exercises, one must caution himself as the exercises can be dangerous and strenuous if not trained properly. When done with good form and a laser-like mindset, it can take even the lousiest beginner to become a graceful and powerful athlete. The spine is the electricity within the body and when trained can develop off the charts strength, flexibility, agility, endurance and balance/coordination.

VRT Bodybuilding

Like DVRs (Dynamic Visualized Resistance), VRT consists of movements that are based on visualizing heavy resistance such as weightlifting. Any equipment resembling a barbell, dumbbell, machine ect. is visualized in this particular manner by flexing the muscle and moving through a range of motion. Its a powerful method and creates muscle in shorter time without the stress of the joints, tendons and ligiments. For more on this method and Greg Mangan look below.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quotes of Great Physical Culturists!!!!!!

"Deep Breathing alone can make many a weak man strong and many a sick man well"

-Farmer Burns

"Weakness is a crime, don't be a criminal"

-Bernarr MacFadden

"Make Haste Slowly"

-Jack Lalanne

"No pain, all gain"

-John Peterson

"Don't sit and watch, follow along"

-Matt Furey

"Gymnasts have the strongest Abs in the world"

-Ed Baran

"Yeah, I Actually Think I'm The Strongest Man That Ever Lived"


Alois P. Swoboda

A man very rare you hear about in this day and age. A man of great importance is now shrouded in mystery as well as history. His impact on physical culture is still apart of our everyday experiences in exercise. His level of intelligence is very respected and honored by the people who have read, heard and knew of him. His exercise program is highly similar to John Peterson's DVRs and Greg Mangan's VRT systems. The method of physiological exercise is one of powerful subjects that continues to work even after his death nearly 80 years ago. Today you would almost need to be college educated just to understand the foundation that made him famous. Although DVRs and VRTs are more detailed today, its still an honor to learn where they were based from. Coining the term Muscle Control made sense to those who have the system even today cause after careful practice its not surprising you can control the muscles of your body. Learning this method is the quickest way to learn one's own Physiology. To learn more look at the site below.

Bridging Gymnastics

This method according to Karl Gotch considered to be the best for superior conditioning and its hard to argue on that. Its a series of exercises that can be done by themselves or in a sequence. You start out falling into a bridge then kicking over, kicking back and if you're stud stand back up. This can be done by the following:

Gymnast Bridge

Head Alone Bridge

Head/Hands Bridge

Highly skillful and in complete unison with the body. A few min. of these can bring down the strongest of men.

Stretching In A Gym Vs. Stretching Internally

When you go to a gym and see people stretching, how long do you think they're stretching, 30-45 sec. each exercise yet how long do you think they stretch internally. After working in a gym and the way I stretched learning from Matt, Ed and others it is a huge difference. Now we've all heard the "Stretch for flexibility and lift for strength" statement and in some cases it is true but theres a difference between truth and fact. Fact is that when you physically stretch the mental stretchng must come first and then and only then you will see the secrets to stretching internally as oppose to just stretching physically. I love it when I can touch my knee with my face but I wouldn't be able to do that if I don't mentally pictured and told my muscles to relax. Anyway the next time you see someone in a gym and see them stretch I believe you can actually tell if they're stretching mentally from how they're energies pick up.

Deep Concentration Without Knowing It!!!!!!!!

Lately with the stretches I try out I find that when you stretch a certain position, you want to go further and all that but what if you didn't think about it? Forget for a moment that you want to go further and just concentrate on wanting to be loose. You're in that position and you're breathing deeply, very deeply to the point where your body starts to shut down, your heart is still beating and lungs are pumping but the feel of your body starts to just go and you're at a point where you're in a deep sleep but you're eyes are still open, you are awake but you're not aware of whats going on, all of a sudden you have your mind tell you to wake up and you're not in that same position anymore you're actually further.

I started experimenting with this and discovered that I let my mind take care of my body instead of my body taking care of itself. I'd be having a hard time in the pancake for some reason then just let my body fall asleep and deeply connect my mind to my muscles. I don't think about it I just drift off and then i'd either be touching my chin with my knee or i'd be just a few inches short of my head touching the floor in the mid position of the pancake stretch.

I have done this with other stretches too and quickly found out that i'm not in pain or straining i'm going much further then I would if I just concentrated on stretching the muscle. I wanted to share this with you guys cause its apart of who we are and what we can learn to develop the mind/muscle connection at a deeper look into what we want to achieve.