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Same Fitness Routines Are Boring!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you go to the gym and you see the people training what are you actually looking at? Never mind the posing or the sweating or the talking but at the way they train. If you look hard enough most people at the gym do the exact same routine and most of them look sluggish and yet they feel they're getting something done. Thats the biggest peice of bullshit i've ever heard. When you train certain routines get boring after a while and you feel theres no way to change things up here's a tip: Change shit around instead of doing the exact same exercises in the routine why not change the exercises around to change momentum or add/take away certain things or even heres an idea completely change the routine and try something different. When you do the same things over and over again you're not only screwing up your body but you're losing your sense of creativity and adventure in your training. Its not easy doing something different but it is easy not to and to me thats jus…

What is required to Bend Steel????????

This was a similar question asked to Slim The Hammer Man and a ton of other physical culturists and men of steel. Now before we get to the answer heres a little tidbit:

Bending Steel when done properly can toughen your hands, wrists and build a mighty grip that no other system can touch. Crushing steel with your bare hands will make you one of the strongest of men. The old-time strongmen knew of the ways to bend and knew of the ways to break them. A lot of them paid a tremendous price but a few have reached heights that no man anywhere of anytime can match.

Now the answer to that question. If you want to bend steel then its simple just bend steel. When it comes to feats of strength you should practice the feat in itself through isometrics and through sheer will of the mind. When you can bend the toughest of steel you're a man among men. Its not required to do something else that'll make your feat perfect its an option but if you want a mighty grip you gotta bend what you want an…