Saturday, September 22, 2007

Exercises that resemble Weights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now everyone of us in their lives has done weights and we all did them for a number reasons but the number 1 reason was to what? Get stronger by any means. I have been doing bodyweight training for over 2 years now and one of the best things I learned from was a method John Peterson wrote in his book Pushing Yourself To Power where you work exercises called DVRs which means: Dynamic Visualized Resistance. This method is what I like to call Invisiable Weightlifting. What you do is say you want to do an overhead press so you have your arms out like your holding a barbell now visualize that your lifting extremely heavy weight and you flex your muscles and lift the weight. Now you may think "this is goofy why not just hold a real barbell." Well what we are doing here is bringing imagination to life with exercise. You contract and press up as high as you can. Can you get strong and have an awesome physique with this method? Why hell ya you can, I did it and my arms are now reaching the 17 1/12 inches mark. You can do this method just like using weights only they're not there. You learn muscle control and your working your body into nerve force and bringing life into your body's system. From contracting the muscles you are giving your body the fuel it needs to grow to a more natural and efficiant state. When you practice these exercises on a daily basis, you're putting strength and vitality into the body and will create a new physique for you to look at in the morning. If you want the full version of this method go to:

Here is a exercise you can test for yourself and see what you think and if interested get Pushing Yourself To Power and build the body you've always dreamed of.

Bicep Curls: Picture in your mind that you're lifting more weight then the mighty samson and you know you're strong. Now flex and curl and flex as you come down & repeat for nine more reps. Give this a shot, you'll feel a tingly sensation from working not only the biceps but the triceps and foearms.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

John Peterson- Conditioning Master!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to talk about one of my heroes of Physical Culture and thats none other then John Peterson. He grew up having physical culture in his family through his grandfather and his uncles. At ten years old he suffered from polio and it went into his leg muscles. In order to stop this from happening he would have to have both of his legs broken at the same time w/out anestisia (hope I spelled that right lol) and had to have a good and long recovery. After his recovery he began his normal ways as any young kid and like young kids growing they got picked on by bullies and John fell right into this. In order to feel better about himself he wanted to learn exercises that'll built his confidence up and this began the realm of what he would become today.

His uncles and grandfather taught the lessons in Dynamic Tension by the great Charles Atlas. As soon as he began learning about this phenomenal course it started to make him not only stronger but far more energetic then his peers at that time. Its said in his books that in school they'd have these tests of push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups and he outlast every one of his classmates. All that from DT. Damn if that worked for him it could work for anyone willing to give it a shot.

Over the next few decades John would participate, study and research in various forms of bodyweight conditioning and then he started teaching what he has learned and made a few books here and there because of it. In the last decade or so he has developed a system of exercises and methods called Transformetics and put together possibly the best form of conditioning anywhere. While studying and creating this system he was into the martial arts and still is to this day I believe but one of his teachers he spoke of quite fondly and now is upstairs looking on the earth was a man named John McSweeney and taught John a method of training called DVRs which stands for Dynamic Visualized Resistance. After learning this method he decided that he was going to make a book that not only featured what he had learned from Dynamic Tension but put together the DVRs plus calisthenics from various courses for example Combat Conditioning by Matt Furey. This would be the first of successful courses in his Transformetics Training System.

At nearly 55 this year he has had what most people would find unbelieveable starting with polio at 10 years young and grew up to be one of the top names in Physical Culture today. I can't describe how much I admire this man for how he has done himself in his life for his students and his family. I'm very proud to be apart of his system and from talking to him by phone every now and then i'll tell right now he's one of the most honest people i've ever talked to and he always knows what to ask and never says a bad thing about anybody and thats a rare thing to have in this world. He's one of the most conditioned guys around and almost no one in his age group can do what he can. All in all if you have a chance to talk with this man and be apart of the forum you will be apart of what seems like pure gold and treasured information.

In my part I just wanted to say if he ever reads this I would like him to read this:


I have had a tough road these last few years. I've been through broken bones, frustrated families, being put down for a lot of things for very unessasary reasons and i've put up a lot of crap in my life where at one point I was told by family that as a baby I had a ailment that came to the point where i'd either be dead or being mentally challenged for life. I count my blessings that neither one happened. To get to the point, you have taught me through your books these last couple years a method that not only made me stronger physically but far stronger mentally then i've ever been in my 23 years on this earth and I can't thank you enough for it and no matter what you teach i'll be right there following it to the day I die. Thank you for what you have giving back to me and thats strength, health and vitality. I'm grateful that i'm apart of not only transformetics but apart of your legacy and this I will always cherish. You will always be a friend to me and I will always be your student.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Self-Resistance Exercises

In the early 20th century, a young man weighed around 97 pounds at the age of 15-16 years young and got beat up in an alley by a punk kid on Halloween night. He was so humilated that he did the best he could to not let that happen again but still he got pummeled by bullies. At the beach one day this scrawny teenager along with his girlfriend at the time were having fun having some laughs and coming up to them was a guy with a physique that can make a woman blush kicked sand into this kids face and walked off with his girl. Now he had gotten himself into a mess he didn't know how to handle so he started lifting weights to feel good about himself. This didn't do too well for him. He went to the zoo one day where he went to think and began noticing certain things animals demonstrated and began to realized how these animals strengthened their bodies in nature. He got himself a course from a man named Alois Swoboda and learned the lessons of physical culture through Bodyweight Exercises. He came up with a way to adapt to this course by pitting one muscle against another. This is the true story of Angelo Siciliano A.KA the world famous Charles Atlas. He worked his body using what I and other members at Transformetics call Dynamic Self Resistance exercises where you work one muscle against another. Not only did this work for Atlas but it made him a legend in Physical Culture. He created a course that had the same exercises he developed his body with and it made him a millionare over night. For over 50 years his course helped break the mold of how to develop a body without the use of equiment and not get "sand kicked in your face." This went on well after his death in 1972 and his course still to this day is being used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world developing strength and will power by these exercises. If you want to build the body of your dreams check out these sites and order the course Dynamic Tension or other books similar to it brought on by students of Atlas, John Peterson & Jim Forystek.

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Eddie Baran- Modern Day Gymnast!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A man that grew up in the Silicon Valley in Nothern California wanted to be in the best shape he could possibly be in. He put his heart into everything for 20 years (Weightlifting, Endurance Training ect). He trained most of his life in Bodybuilding, Olympic Weightlifting & Powerlifting and became a powerful 215 bulky lidter. It was difficult for him to realize what he was doing to his body was actually tearing him up and wanted to find a way to make better use of his strength abilities. He met an upcoming internet guru by the name of Matthew Furey and Furey taught him in the ways of bodyweight exercises for condition strength not maximal strength. Baran was extremly skeptical about this "bodyweight" Idea and thought that this was was going to be a walk in the park. Sadly he realized that not only did he fail what was made for him but it proved to be too much for him.

Now after being frustrated and discouraged he was determined that bodyweight exercises would not only make him stronger but more agile and flexibilty, he dropped the weights and focused exclusively on these exercises. This led him to go to the biggest source for bodyweight exercises and thats Gymnastics. He took up the sport for the conditioning not the competition. He began training at the odd age of 35 when most gymnasts at that age are long retired and became coaches for the new generation. Baran began at 35. It wasn't long until he became such a hit with the coaches that they had him start teaching the kids his new found conditioning. Eddie has become an author and co-author of several fitness courses including:

Gymnastic Abs

Animal Kingdom Conditioning

Body Sculpting Exercises For Women

Gymnastic Handstands

These courses have helped put Ed Baran on the map of being a physical cultrist in this modern day and age. He has helped trained thousands of people in turning their conditioning levels from weak and overweight to lean and muscular machines. If you ever want to get into the best shape of your life, this is one of the true men to go to.

Yours in Power & Might