Monday, June 4, 2007

Hindu Push-Ups

Some people call this exercise too stressful to the shoulder, some call it the same version of a dive bomber and others call it the the greatest exercise in the planet. Here's a little history of this exercise and then I'll state my opinion.

 For thousands of years this exercised was being demonstrated in Chinese culture, Indian culture, yoga, it was even possibly used in the new America before the name Columbus was mentioned. This exercise was knowingly used in Indian wrestling cause it builds tremendous strength, endurance and flexibility. The great Gama used this very same exercise in his training and know how he did, won 5000 matches. Now for my opinion.

 This exercises should be used in any regimen in strength & Fitness cause once you start performing it a very intense and unique level you develop a power and mind that most exercises can't touch and you need that kind of sense of training. When you feel like the wave-like movement you put in it becomes a sense of power and strength you cant get any other way.

Yours in Power & Might

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