Thursday, September 6, 2018

A Vacation For Your Nerves

Do you ever grab life by the throat and squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of a single experience? Maybe you escaped to a jaw-dropping beach one weekend. You basked in the glow of the red sun while listening to the ocean serenade you with its crashing waves.

Chances are, you know the sedative feeling a vacation can give you when you do it right. You’re present, relaxed and everything comes just a little easier to you.

Only problem is — you eventually go back to your day-to-day routine. The kind where you’re getting whacked at all day by a barrage of problems. Pressure to succeed at work, countless tasks to carry out and a slew of lurking issues you aren’t even aware of yet.

Soon you’re all wound up again, and those amazing feelings you felt not too long ago seem a far cry away now.

But there are ways to recreate that powerful feeling you felt on your last getaway without having to go on another adventure.

One herb, Reishi Mushroom, is designed to evoke the same sense of calm and contentment you enjoyed while away from your hectic life.

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Nicknamed ‘Tonic of the Emperors,’ Reishi contains a vast amount of these magic things called triterpenes. A Triterpene is an unsaturated hydrocarbon derived from a C30 precursor known as Squalene.

Squalene makes up half of the liver oil found in certain species of sharks and is otherwise widely distributed in nature, most commonly in olive oil. It also synthesizes hormones, including Vitamin D and cholesterol.

Upon entering the body, Triterpenes work to tonify the liver.

As you might know, your liver is an important organ in the human body. It helps cleanse your blood of any toxic chemicals like sugar, processed or fast foods, alcohol, tobacco and various environmental hazards.

The liver also works with the nervous system. Lipids, glucose and metabolites acquired from eating and drinking trigger the nervous system to make certain physiological changes.

When you tax your liver by consuming harmful substances, you can find yourself on the bad end of these physiological changes. You can feel symptoms including chronic fatigue, nausea or vomiting, and abdominal pain. This can also lead to long-term diseases such as obesity, fatty liver disease, and liver cancer.

But, when the triterpenes in Reishi work to nourish the liver, it triggers the nervous system to produce a calming and grounded effect. This puts you in a more relaxed state.

Learn more about Reishi here and and start feeling calmer and more relaxed today!

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