Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bundle For BIG Saving…Pine Pollen & Miron Glass

Right now, Lost Empire Herbs is having a pretty spectacular offer! In order to move some 1 liter Miron Glass Containers! There is no better use for them than putting a whole bag of Megadose Pine Pollen in one!

That's right, it might barely fit but it does.

Right now we are offering 20% off the combo purchase of a 1 liter Miron Glass container and 1 Megadose Pine Pollen. With the code you only pay $87.99 instead, saving $22!

Be sure to include both in your cart for the code to work properly! The code to use is: MEGAMIRON

Miron glass is great for limiting the effects of photodegradation on foods. Whatever you place in a Miron glass container will retain more nutrients and color as described by

Photodegradation occurs when the absorption of light directly causes a chemical reaction in a constituent in the food, or when light indirectly causes a reaction in a second constituent by its effect on the first one. Photodegradation usually affects specific components in food, such as pigments, vitamins, fats and proteins. Absorption of light can cause food to develop off-flavors and lose or change color. It can also cause vitamin loss.

These 1L jars are perfect for keeping your herbs lasting fresher, longer than otherwise! Perfect for storing lots of Pine Pollen!

Don’t forget you must choose Pine Pollen Megadose 250 grams And 1 Litre Miron glass jar to be able to use the discount

Code: MEGAMIRON (Valid 8/9/17 – 8/14/17)

Hurry There is a Limited Supply

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