Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Developing That Summer Body

There's nothing wrong with wanting to look like a stud or a hot woman for the summer season. Show off those curves, washboard abs, thigh gap legs and arms that would make chicks go "oooo lala" but in the end, how are you going to look good if you got nothing really to show for it with real strength? Many people want fast results and want to look like a greek god(dess) for beach season so they can show off what they feel really accomplished. In some places in the world or even just the country; you work on a beach body all year round so what are you really trying to do in those other areas?

It's never easy developing a physique, it's even more difficult to get that physique but also have strength, endurance & flexibility as well. Most beach bodies look pretty but for the most part that's it, there's no real strength to show for and why need flexibility when you can make robotic turns and pose to impress someone? To have the total package; you must go all out on what is truly needed to develop what you want. The funny thing is, many beach body "practitioners" focus on bodybuilding type exercises and think cardio is the best way to lose fat and weight. This isn't just women, a lot of guys do it too and a lot of them don't get anywhere because they don't have the right method and they end up blaming something else instead of themselves.

Use methods that have stood the best of time and make that summer bod year round instead of only a season and then destroy yourselves the rest of the time. Methods like Animal Movements shed fat really fast and develop muscle faster than most methods, lift like the old-time strongmen doing Dinosaur type training, ladies; do body sculpting exercises using only your bodyweight that breathes life into the body YOU want, do gymnastic type movements to target the core muscles at its maximum without lollygagging around with stupid crunches and such.

Real beach bods develop not only an awesome look but you'll have other factors that contribute to developing that look; functional strength, stamina, conditioning, increased testosterone, higher metabolism, stronger organs (not just on the outside), creating natural muscle mass (not grossed out bulk) and one of the greatest factors of all; being pain-free or becoming that over time. Use the methods in this article and see your body change along with a balanced eating program. Why a seasonal bod when you can have it for life?

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