Monday, December 5, 2016

New Website Has Emerged

The old format from my website @ just didn't have very much to offer and there were too many things that didn't have much to do with me and catered to an audience where I felt didn't have the right spunk. So this past weekend I spent many hours coming up with a new and far better format that not only had me using my personal favorite methods of exercise but wanted to generate another audience where there's something for everyone.

My site now is purely Body-Weight Training based with a little section for minimal equipment mostly for traveling. Body-Weight Training is free but there are always a chance that someone may not have the right resources to learn or cant find anything specific. That is why the site has divided sections for specific people that can learn top of the line training from the very best around the world and in the U.S. Some courses are more than a century old, others are more current with up to date routines for the beginner and advanced trainee. If one were to become a trainer, there are a few places they can go to for exams or a workshop they can travel to and get hands on training from mighty trainers.

A women's section is also there for the sole purpose on giving the opposite sex an option that she doesn't need bulky muscles or train the same exact way as a man because let's face it, women have their own levels of strength and want a physique that's more sleek, healthy and filled with muscle that is functional for everyday life. There is a section dedicated to methods such as Hand Balancing & Muscle Control where men and women can learn time tested exercises that were used from the very best more than 100 years ago and have a glare of light shining to this very day. I don't want to reveal all the sections otherwise why go? So I'm sharing with you a piece of the action and you can see for yourself what can work for you. Your body is your own gym, learn how to apply it to styles that have proven to build functional muscle, create high levels of endurance, staggering agility and have you stretched like never before.

A new age is coming and I'm here to help you find the best resources for your fitness needs and share with you quality courses from amazing people and legends you may have never heard of. Come to the site, browse around and bask in the excitement and wonderful ways you can develop the body of your dreams. Whether you're starting out or want to progress higher in your training there will be something there for you.

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