Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Back On The Deck

Over the last couple days I've tested myself on the Deck Of Cards Workout changing it up from One variation of 4 exercises to 3 exercises using multiple variations of 2 of them (Squats & Push-ups) doing V-Ups for the 3rd Exercise. So far I've beaten the deck both times and yesterday beating it in just over 30 min. That's a hell of a workout for only 3 exercises but they each lay a foundation for building solid conditioning and building strength, flexibility and agility.

The Squats are 3 variations of the Hindu Squat (Heels up, feet flat & jumpers) where the push-ups are more than a few variations to add variety but still keep them basic (Military, Dips, Different Hand Positions ect.) and the V-ups stay the same variation since it has a full body element of it having both a sit-up and the leg lift in the same movement. I would do a total of 388 Squats, 119 Push-ups and 119 V-Ups for the whole deck. Once its completed I add 12 Squats and 1 rep each of a push-up and v-up for a grand total of 400 Squats, 120 Push-ups & 120 V-Ups. I like to keep things rounded to the closest denominator of specific numbers to even them out.

As I get better I most likely will add reps to the cards to get things even higher for conditioning purposes. I'm not so much going for being ripped or looking like world-class athlete, I'll let this workout speak for itself and the results will come the way the universe will have it. I don't like talking about my personal goals much because whenever I do, 99% of the time I end up quitting early on and when I don't mention them they come quicker. Some will be very open about goal-setting and share them with others which is cool I love that about people but i'm more private about it and believe that they're my own and no one else needs to really know unless under certain circumstances. The reason why I love this particular Deck which I call the Indy Deck because its got Indiana Jones and scenes of adventures in all 4 movies that inspires me and gives me greater energy than music and/or training with somebody else. I know what you're thinking "come on man, they're just cards like any other, what makes them all that special", for one; It's F-cking Indiana Jones and 2; It's got 3 jokers instead of the normal 2 so it adds a challenge and amps up the conditioning even more with the Squats.

Eventually i'll add back the Hindu Push-ups & Tablemakers but they'll be a part of the multi-variation team of Push-ups. This is my way of looking at what Karl Gotch use to say on conditioning "always work your muscles from every possible angle." I do want to hit the 500 Squat goal again and do 250 Push-ups and more than 150 V-ups but it will take time and i'm not going to reveal it until I have actually completed it. I do have the discipline to go after 500 Hindu Squats in a row and I've done it a couple times but I choose to do them in sets for the purpose that once I get up to a certain number in a row, I get very bored and it becomes more of a dull grind than a workout. This way I can shift from one exercise to another and still keep things fresh, fun and exciting. The workout is never the same twice, the reps are the same but each card can be different from the last workout. It builds crazy stamina, strength from doing different push-ups, adds in coordination and balance from the Squats and it gets both the upper and lower abs on the V-Ups where you're working the entire Core using a full body movement and if I had to take a break I would leave my arms overhead and straighten my legs to open up the obliques so I'm getting the most out of the whole session.

 You can do other exercises with your own deck but always use a foundation of basic exercises and keep things fresh and you'll never get bored. You want an Indy Deck of your own? Go HERE and grab them. Have fun and never find an excuse, find an opportunity to train.

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