Thursday, June 16, 2016

Less Time Using VRT

Training within a period of time has always been a learning experience where its not just the time being used its the quality of the time. I take what I can get and train in a manner that my mind is set at a point in time and just do what pops up and make the best of it. Lately its been on Muscle Control and hitting my body using the DVR exercises from transformetrics.

For the past few weeks I've really hit these exercises hard doing 7-12 of them at a time where its three sets of 10 or 10 each arm. I clocked it once at 35 min. & 25 sec. for a full routine and felt amazing. I've decided to change things up and add in VRT Exercises to supplement some of the DVR exercises to get not only less time but put more focus on particular muscles such as the shoulders & upper arms. VRT is a beautiful style of training where you mimic the use of weights by flexing or extending a muscle by contracting and relaxing from a specific range of motion instead of a full range of motion. I've talked about and used this training in the past many times and always learn something new. With DVR's you control the contraction by utilizing your mind and muscles as if they were one and the same, VRT has a similar protocol but you use more of your imagination to truly make the contraction even greater.

I believe in what works and yes I have gained significant strength from this method especially in pull-ups and arm wrestling. It doesn't just give you a "pump" it goes beyond that where you infuse the mind and visualize what you're lifting. Your muscles can't tell the difference in what is being used or not used. You can virtually mimic any form of weights, machines & more by seeing in your mind's eye what the weight & implement you want to mimic; it even goes beyond weights, it could even go as far visualizing lifting a car, pulling chains like Samson, pushing a pyramid, pulling a really thick rope, gripping hard on a metal ball, Pressing a boulder your exercise is limitless.

It doesn't really take a lot of time to do this type of training, for the most part 20 minutes is really all that's needed. You can do more but its not necessary. I only go longer because its my choice. When I need a break from Calisthenics, Yoga, Circuit Training or Animal Moves I go to this method of exercise. I never make an excuse to not train because if I stop, it'll set me off and I'll literally hate myself for doing so; plus my brain is just not wired for it, I'm constantly learning and making adjustments to what methods work for me. Can this make you strong, absolutely but not in the manner you may want it to be; you can't lift a thousand pounds after doing VRT but you can however, generate real muscle & functional fitness without wear and tear on the joints plus you create rapid blood flow, endorphins and tapping into your own physiology. This has helped me learn how to control my body that has carried over to other areas like Isometrics & heavy lifting. It didn't make me crazy weightlifting strong but because of the way my body can contract and relax it has helped me in lifts I rarely if ever touch.

Use this method to put on awesome muscle and challenge the mind and body in a different manner than the norm. Don't be giving it a hard time if you never used it. It has its place more than you're lead to believe that it may not by some quacks who just want you to do their stuff otherwise you're just dumb. Its amazing for cardio, help lose bodyfat, lose weight, gain muscle, target muscles that won't be in isolation because in order to get the full benefit, you have to use multiple muscles for any specific exercise. Trust me, when you're strapped for time and you don't have the energy or transportation to get to a gym, this is a great alternative. It can be done practically anywhere from the park to a hotel room, at a banquet, a restaurant, lunch breaks at work, between meetings, sitting at a red light (And only at a red light NO DRIVING), in your chair watching a movie, while you're cooking or at the beach its up to you and you can pick any exercise that your imagination can utilize.

Use the VRT System to your best advantage and make the best of it no matter what time you have.

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