Monday, May 2, 2016

Top 10 Metabolic Conditioners For Fat Loss, Increase In Metabolism & Putting More Lead In Your Pencil

That last one you didn't expect to read huh? Well increasing testosterone and keeping it at a high level regardless of age for both men & women is crucial to living a healthy life. The type of testosterone I mean by is not using steroids or Performance Enhancers where there's all kinds of synthetic chemicals that when taken improperly or overuse in a period of years basically makes men turn into women (high vocal chords, Moobs, testicular shrinkage & damaged organs) and women into men (lower vocal chords, acne, increased hairy areas other than the vagina and enlarged clitoris). You can get testosterone for free by doing High Intense Training 2-3x a week doing short bursts of exercise that lasts at max 30 seconds and resting a minimum of 1-2 minutes.

I'm sure you've heard it all before and believe me when certain things are repeated they become annoying but in this case; people need to get their head out of the clouds and stop doing what the next trend is going on. I'm sorry but very rarely a trend stays around and works. The best type of training is what's been around for centuries and continues to flourish despite the wacky world of machines, infomercials, fad diets & silly little pink dumbbells (sorry guys it ain't cute).

Natural testosterone as you may or may not know stops being stable by ages 30-35 and each year the percentage drops. I'm over the age of 30 so my levels are just starting to drop unless I do something about it. I might get a test done one of these days to see where I'm at but for the most part I think i'm safe with the stuff I'm already doing but as they say, always a way to improve. Training, eating better and being active are great ways to keep things going but to really spice up your junk or flower it takes a specific type of training that creates more blood flow, more fat melting elements & hitting that sex drive is a must otherwise your body will turn to shambles. I have a saying where "its not easy but you can make it interesting" by training hard for only a small amount of days but making it interesting for you to keep at consistently. Because I'm getting back to HIT I feel like its my duty to give you helpful tips and exercises that really turn you into a stud or a sexy goddess. So for that here are my top 10 Exercises for making these things very possible......

10. Burpees: One of the ultimate anytime, anywhere exercise that hits the whole body and pounds the fat into submission. Do basic or other variations and you'll be swimming in testosterone.

9. Animal Movements: From Bear Crawls to Frog Jumps, animals are the true inspiration for putting on functional muscle and increase in growth hormone. These alone are beneficial and when you do them fast, you won't last long.

8. Bridging: Most notably the Wrestler's Bridge & Gymnastic Bridge are full body exercises that can be done virtually anywhere and develops strength in the spine, back, abs, neck and legs (arms for the GB). On a consistent basis 3 minutes of these exercises will open up channels in the body that not only target muscles but sexual energy that in turn can help burn fat and increase sex drive.

7. Hindu Squats: Done in high numbers, this variation of the squat turns boys into studly men. The metabolic effect on this is chalk full of testosterone building and hardcore hormone happiness. Get into the 500 rep range and you will be having energy very few these days have ever experienced.

6. Moving Heavy Weight: In partials or full range, moving heavy weights builds growth hormone because of the amount of force needed, your body goes into overdrive and smacks into of the heart of your hormones.

5. Circuits: Exercises done one after another are incredible for enhanced conditioning and can be used using the above or other exercises. has the very best circuits that target muscles from head to toe and some workouts can be done by not so normal men and women.

Workout Finishers: A series of exercise(s) done after a workout to hit the calories even harder in the face. These are done within 1-5 minutes at best. Say you did a 30 minute workout and after a few minutes you do another 5 of exercises to really hammer the hell out of that blubber.

4. Tabatas: Exercises done in a 20 Sec. On/ 10 Sec. Off element that can go for 2-8 minutes that target fat like a sniper to the enemy in combat. This can be done with virtually many exercises (Bodyweight is best) and puts you into a state that makes you sweat like Niagara Falls.

3. Thick Bar Training: A bar ranging from nearly 2 inches or more thick in diameter really puts the whole body in overdrive regardless of the exercise. Attach Fat Gripz to your barbells/dumbbells and/or machine handles and you have a fight on your hands. Your reps will be cut in half or more just by doing this. Stick to compound movements such as Presses & Pulling. Doesn't hurt to have an insane grip in the process.

2. Step-Ups: Done in a fast paced fashion and these bad boys will make you scream bloody murder. One of the greatest and most conditioned wrestlers of all-time Bob Backlund swears by this exercise and does them in high numbers that are in the realm of superhuman. As one of the main staples of his regimen, its helped stay in top condition throughout the majority of his career in pro wrestling. This is a better alternative to running as it's easier on the knees and can be done anywhere that has steps.

1. Sprints: The mecca of making fat cry like a little bitch. Whether on flat ground or on the hills, sprints will make a man or women out of you whether you like it or not when done on a consistent basis. These suckers not only blow torch fat like a furnace but have you burning calories for up to 72 hours after a workout even while you eat and sleep. For guys if you really want to get those boys swimming and feel like you're 18 again this is the type of training to do it. For ladies, you will make fat scream louder than a house wife from Beverly Hills fighting for a prada on sale. Its the ultimate target for making hormones grow like beautiful leaves in Springtime.

There you have it. Make your training fun and get those hormones raging and turn that body into something you can not only be proud of but can possibly make you the elephant in the room (all eyes can't help but be on you).


Dean said...

Ben, great post, I have a question on step ups,how high should the bench be and how long to do the step ups, sets, reps ,and or time,thanks again for all the great things that you do.Dean.

Ben Bergman said...


great question and thank you for asking.....Depending on the person's flexibility, step-ups shouldn't be more than 14 inches high, I really only use my stair steps which are a little less than half that and I do them for speed. 8 inches for speed, 10-14 for endurance. The Sets & Reps Schemes are up to the individual so experiment and see where you're at. Some people start at 20 and build up to 100, others will go for more than 15-20 min. straight. The craziest one I heard/read was on Bob Backlund doing extremely high reps for conditioning, he has gone as far as 1700...Would sometimes do step-ups for an hour straight or more just for the fun of it. Find out what works best for you. I've done a few hundred at times when I was in the mood doing them for 5-10 min. straight at a reasonable pace.