Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Why Cram It When You Can Spread It

One of the fascinating things about Fitness is not only the variety but the mixture of exercises put together. Now I'm not one to be fiddled routines and on occasions I put myself into only one workout for the entire but for the most part; I like to dabble with exercises throughout the day. The reason why for that being done is because sometimes one workout just isn't quite enough or I won't have a usual time to train everything I need to do.

Some folks can only do one workout within the day because that's all they can do which is understandable; job, family, emergencies, unexpected circumstances whatever the case may be you only have this much time to do what's important. I like to look at things from another perspective; doing exercises throughout the day may have some value you may not realize. Not everyone has an hour to exercise to the gym or even at home at times which is believe it or not perfectly ok. I would normally get my training in by the afternoon after promoting or hanging with my girl but at times when I travel or i'm out of my element in another person's home and I would sometimes have to improvise.

I do my best to teach you that when you can train anywhere at anytime there's more to it then just being able to get something in within those factors. As the title implies, you can do things throughout the day but in increments instead of just cramming everything into one specific set of time. Here's an example; in a little over a week i'll be in California for a family gathering and since i'm not there that often, things can get chaotic with me seeing everyone and going all over town and to other cities/towns within 30 mile radius my training won't be exactly the same and I won't always have the time I need to train the way I normally would. That doesn't mean I stop doing what I do, just spreading things out with exercises here and there to get going with the chaos that happens there. My exercises mostly contain push-ups, self resistance, stretching and Isometrics plus the occasional squat but overall I just do enough exercise to where I can get a few minutes in throughout certain areas of the day. Because of this trip, I'm doing what I feel is right for me to do and train even for a couple minutes before something crazy happens and if people give me looks or think something negative; their issues not mine.

Training throughout the day may sound taxing and exhausting but as Doc Brown would say "You're not thinking 4th Dimensionally" but with the right level of intensity and keeping reps down to only a few and the exercises only a few; it can keep you energized the entire day. Wouldn't it be cool to feel giddy & high on endorphins? Being able to stay active without fatiguing and enjoy the vibrations of your body's electrical feeling? It can even help calm your nerves with the right exercises and doing things without people noticing you. Be open to ideas and doing what's important for your body. Give yourself an opportunity regardless of time that your body matters and staying fit doesn't have to be complicated but a gift to have the chance to do something down to the smallest fraction. Make it work for you and not against you, be your own trainer.

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