Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tarzan Is Calling To Me Once Again

Couldn't stay away from my Animal workouts for long. Over the past few days I've been hearing the call from the Ape Man himself & he's making me work harder than ever before. The jungle has been nuts since he got me playing the Animal Dice Game again. With the way he's kicking my ass lately I have hit more than 40 rolls of animals; the show off over here has been warming up with even higher numbers; my highest set of rolls is at 58, that's a lot of movement ranging from 1-20 steps at a time.

Even in the last 4 workouts; 57, 58, 42 & another 42 rolls I'm feeling it everywhere and my core is just getting hit the most because of the contraction to protect my lower back from injury. The endorphin high is incredible and I love feeling really good afterwards. This is pure conditioning and can really put you in Jungle Shape, basically gaining stamina and overall body to strength ratio. Although I'm over 265 lbs; I feel like an athlete under 220 and look like i'm around 235. If you really want to burn off fat and put on real muscle, this is the ticket hands down.

As much as I love my sprints, Isometrics & Hammer Work; the animals are the top of the workout food chain at least to me when it comes down to building insane strength and endurance for bodyweight work. You don't need to do that many rolls worth of animals to get the full benefit, only 5-10 to start and 20 min. worth of work is all that's needed. How much would it cost to you to get fit only 20 min. a day and gain strength, power, stamina & speed all in one workout?

Animal Kingdom Conditioning- $127 ($0.35/day for an entire year)

Animal Kingdom Conditioning 2- $67 ($0.18/day for an entire year)

Animal Flow 2.0- $59.95 w/ DVD ($0.16/day for an entire year)

Animal Workouts DVD- $29.95 ($0.08/day for an entire year)

If you really think about those numbers, that's still under $1 a day to train for an entire year alone just learning about animal exercises and that's still cheaper than the average gym. Just one of these courses alone can save you a couple hundred bucks a year at a gym that you need to drive to, get stuck in traffic, dress into workout clothes and get ready to get on a treadmill and the weights which you might have to wait for at several minutes at a time usually. Get your greatest benefit by saving time and money on a long-term perspective. I can hear the jungle man calling to you now and letting you know its never too late to get in Jungle Shape.

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