Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Can You Spare A Couple Minutes

For most people it's not always simple to get a workout in when it's most convenient to you. You have jobs, pay bills, take care of kids, handle social gatherings and other things. However; if you're determined to make something happen to get yourself fit whether it's losing weight, building muscle or whatever you'll do it at the best time for you. Believe me it's not easy getting in a workout that lasts 30 min. Just last night I was occupied with my girl that I ended up training roughly around 10 or so and only did a few minutes with the Sandbell. If all you have is less than 5 minutes, than make them fucking count.

People get discouraged when they're told you need to do this or that to get in shape when in reality it's more on timing than anything else. Forget on developing some sort of training for a second, if your timing isn't working, something needs to be done, it happens; shit can run up on you when you least expect it so make an effort to get whatever time you need to train the best way you can. There are days with me where i'm busy with family, working my site or spending time with my girl and I don't always get time to do a specific length of training i'd like to do but I always give myself a window every single day even its under 5 min. Want it bad enough, make the damn effort son.

This morning I made the intuitive decision to train earlier than usual cause I got a big day of swimming, going to a movie and having a day of just me and my Spider Monkey so I did deep breathing exercises, hindu pushup stretches, deep squatting, a couple exercises with my Thor Hammer and an isometric exercise specifically for the abs and that's it. Took me roughly 10 min. maybe more but I made it possible regardless of what my day ended up being, at least I did something. So don't make those fucked up and whinny excuses that you don't have time, make it and don't be bitching.

Spare yourself a couple minutes if you need to but remember, make it important to you and only you. You have the power to make your own choices, be open minded and instead of complaining, embrace the time you have and make it your bitch.

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