Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Just Play

When did we begin to stop playing? Oh yeah that's right we were told by the time we reached adulthood, we had to be serious and responsible because play is for children. I'm sorry but as a society; we take things way too literal, kids losing out on having the chance of recess so they can have a longer class, we eat crap just so the corporations can keep going to the bank and the media feeds on misery and feeding us useless info that has nothing to do with us personally or figuratively. I'm not saying we shouldn't be responsible as we get older but at least let us have a little fun in the process.  One of the biggest things happening right now is the teaching of movement and bringing back the ability to move like a real human being. 

Get up and move. Do some kick ass combos you can learn from Animal Flow, do various styles of basic gymnastics like building the abs or learn hand balancing. Learn the valuable skills of natural movement like crawling, jumping, balancing, swimming, carrying, lifting and tossing. Move like your favorite animals in the wild, do Isometrics throughout various times of the team to keep up your energy and fat burning. Go do sprints that will melt fat off of you like a furnace or hell build your own little gym in your house using quality equipment to build realistic strength and muscle. Do something you enjoy and have a blast doing it otherwise you will just be like the majority of people that have told you that play is for kids and that being an adult is serious business; so is play, it can save lives and take you out of the foxhole most people call a life. 

You can be inspired by the workouts or exercises you see in the gym, on a dvd or at a seminar but we can't work the same way as the next person. We may be stronger or weaker, more or less mobile and we don't always have the same amount of stamina or drive. We do however one thing in common and that's we have the potential to develop our own style of training that is creative and work for us (or in this case plays to us). Learn what you want to do but become your own master, not be a sheep and/or try to copy someone else's workout plan. There are a lot of ideas and we can admire and blueprint those ideas but eventually the only way to be truly successful is to make your play your own. As kids we mimic the other kids we play with but no matter what we do, we end finding our own way to climb and jump and swing on the Ape Bars. There are people bigger or smaller than us, they can be weaker and others are stronger so we customize what gives us the greatest benefit. 

I personally believe in doing what comes to mind and putting it into action. Using my instincts and intuitiveness, I train according to what my mind says and my body follows. I really don't like routines because doing something over and over too many times just bore me and I want to do something new and exciting, something my body is not use to, not to confuse it but make it adaptable and constantly learning. Sure it's important to practice but certain things come up you won't expect and it's important to expect the unexpected so you train your body and mind from as many angles as possible. Think outside the box, don't always be traditional, be different and daring to do something someone else wouldn't dare to try. It is not one upping anyone, it's learning to discover what you can be best at and making that journey as you play and experiment. Move the way you were meant to and learn what playing really means and how it can bring you to a world full of wonders and imagination people would envy. Stay playful my friends.   

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