Thursday, January 15, 2015

Be The King Or Queen Of Your Jungle

    We often fear what we don't understand, it's human nature and it's part of what signals us with the fight or flight complex. When you're in the gym or at a playground or anywhere you train, there might be some person that is just surreal with incredibly hard moves, possibly lifting far more than you can imagine, he/she may even just have far better usefulness for those exercises performed; however you can be dominant if you want to be, in order to make that happen, you need to let go of the fear and focus on what you want to get better at or do things that just flat out make you crazy strong. Don't expect to be better or not be better than the next person, become better than you were yesterday, play around, do some cool moves you are good at or just run through your own drills and make a game out of it. We focus so much on what we fear, we forget to look at what we're capable of and challenging ourselves to get better even by the smallest fraction.


    When you train, the key to overall results is to learn the facets of utilizing every muscle in your body within the realm of a single exercise; it could be sprinting, swimming, lifting heavy weight, doing acrobatic moves, gymnastic type exercises or a personal favorite of mine; moving like a wild animal. The more muscles being used, the more you'll experience the results of developing a strong and functional body. You see, isolating movements is just so boring to me these days, focusing on a single muscle in multiple exercises just has a complicated and odd element that isn't natural or useful. Unless you're rehabbing or in a specific sport where certain muscles are developed those are the only true exceptions otherwise you're wasting your time.


    Moving like a wild animal is just an incredible feeling of taking your muscles and joints to another realm of fitness that is slightly getting a rise out today but not as much as it should be. I'm not saying Animal Movements are the end all be all but they are the top of a short list of ideas that helps you burn fat like a furnace, build muscle in a unique and fun way plus it can be done by anyone at any age. A key ingredient to get your results is to think like that animal, not just move but having that mindset, creating scenarios in your mind to move as fast as possible from an imaginary predator or catching your possibly only meal of the day, you can even move a little slower for endurance purposes like traveling to a nearby habitat or moving along to find your next meal; use your imagination. If you have read enough of my articles by now you know my favorite animal is the mighty Gorilla. I like to picture myself as the mighty King Kong with arms that can crush tree branches with a single squeeze of my biceps, have insanely strong hands that can rip off the head of a dinosaur and powerful abs so strong they're like indestructible armor. Walking or running like a gorilla is fun to me and get to live out my fantasy of being in the jungle climbing, taking down my enemies with a single punch, have super strong tendons that are like adamentium claws like Wolverine and move insane heavy weight like it was a pebble. You may not be a gorilla person but maybe a tiger, a beautiful bird, a demon speeding wild cat, maybe more like a crab with claws so powerful they take down sharks or hell maybe a type of monkey like a baboon it's up to you who you want to be for that animal. The real way to know this is to experiment with as many animal movements as possible and intuitively find out which one you seem to mimic the most.


    To be the true king or queen of your jungle is how you let your energy flow, make yourself stand out, learn to internalize your body's power and take on that sensation of electrical surge throughout your body. Don't force it otherwise you're just fighting yourself, let it flow and create what you want out of it instinctively. This is done by practice and learning how you flow through your movements, when you sit and how you breathe. Deep Breathing is a major factor in creating this incredible power throughout every single part of your body from your neck to your toes. Create your energy with intention, passion and imagination. Utilizing this along with your training you'll be dominant in your endeavors with a few added bonuses that I'll let you figure out on your own. You can let go of worry, fear, frustration, anxiety and depression by learning how to use your energy and to practice the realm of breathing using your imagination. You are very powerful, do the very best you can do.
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